GrimlockCyber Banned by Admin Acronad

CKEY: GrimlockCyber

Admin’s CKEY: Acronad

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 05/07/2023

Round ID: 43953

Ban Reason: “Killed Wizzard during mid-negotiations” “General Terrible behavior”

Appeal Reason: Let me clear some things up. I did NOT kill the wizzard during mid-negotiations, that is a straight up lie. The HOS went to contact CC and asked on what they should do with the wizzard. I shadowed the Wizzard and when the HOS came back, they declared the Wizzard and EOTC. I opened fire with my STUN bullets to try stun and cuff them to bring them in for execution. Eventually the HOS was EXPLODED into bits by the Wizzard and we had to bring them down. I did NOT kill the wizzard, nor did I instigate the incident.

I would also say that my behvaior was the result of those around me being massive assholes and me returning the favor. We were told that the spiders were hostile and when I asked the armory to be opened, and the HOS also gave the same order to the AI. I went in and got riot gear so I could baton the spiders. When confronted with this, everyone started giving me shit about how I shouldn’t do that and the spiders were sentient and good. I then obeyed and gave my armor back to the armory whilsts EVERYONE started dogpiling me over it. Let it be known that the spiders were in fact EVIL and were a threat to the station.

Another incident, was when I was checking the revived HOS to welcome them back. During this in medbay, I saw an ashwalker. I heard SOMEONE, I’m sure it was the HOS but it could of been someone with their ID just as well. Give the order to bring in the ashwalker, and when I went to baton them and fellow reptile kept on pushing and shoving me, interfering with the arrest. They would not stop being a shitter and allow the arrest to continue. When I went to go arrest the interfering reptile, more shitters joined in and when the HOS saw me and another officer bring them in. Actual criminals by the way, the HOS flipped out and threatened to demote me. I did nothing to her, I did nothing to my fellow officers. Everyone was being a massive prick to me.

I’m going to apologize for being so violent towards them, as it escalated to hitting. That was uncalled for and shameful on my part.

I will apologies for that and I will also apologize for breaking the SOP as a detective for bringing in those two criminals. As it does violate the rules.

I will not apologize for shooting as the wizzard. As not only were they declared an EOTC, but I was shooting them with NON LETHAL bullets.

Additional Information: Hi.

Ill go over this after i get home today as this is just an explain on forums ban due to you having been disconnected at the time.

That is a fair reasoning for removing me. I left as I was leaving to take a shower, after a long trip to a rather swampy area and needing to clean off my mosquito bites.

I’ll stick to what I observed:
_As det, shot the wizzard with the barest of RP with sec force very much active as soon as the HOS gave the EOTC verdict (I was an undercover ghost officer at that point and orbiting the wizzard (RPing wizzard might I add).
_Rushed the armory on HOS’s death; grabed a WT and hunted for the wizz with rest of sec, opened fire and shot seccos as much as the wizzard.
_Tried to arrest a doctor that was reviving an ashie on station, never gave us a reson why.
_Pushed for ashies to be “tortured” multiple times over radio, I hope he didn’t try to arrest them for it.
_Went around starting fights with crewmembers and doing sec offs’ jobs.

All of that compounds to det’s SOP breaches, that escalated to the point I shot them to crit when they started punching a non dangerous crewmembers and netted them a demotion from the HOS.

Hey, Hos that round atleast here to explain some stuff

First off, you shot the wizard as soon as i said he was declared an EOTC (? not entirely sure about this one
Keep in mind i didn’t give any callout to shoot him on sight as not even lethals were distributed at that point

As such, in retaliation the wizard came up to me with quite an aggresive stance after being shot and they had Instagib Spell, from which i died instantly because of your actions of shooting the wizard

After my death sec with cmo’s approval they started to hunt down the wizard (expected if you see your boss explode into gibs infront of your eyes)

You helped the hunt on the wizard (Keep in mind we had +3 Officers on duty which could have done it) and as a detective you did not have permission nor you should hunt down active threats

I will take some of the blame as i did say to the ai to open the armory, but as soon as they told me it was you i retracted and told you to return the riot gear (for dealing with spiders, another active threat that you shouldn’t be actively dealing with)

As for the ashies i did tell you to stop dealing with them and stop the arrest there, as per sop you cant legally do arrests most you can do is tell a security officer to do them

The last thing that got me to give you a demotion was going around starting minor fights with crewmembers and finally the scuffle with Aden

All in all, they didn’t kill the wizard mid negotations, but there is some room for improvement on all other points

Hope it isn’t too much text for admemes to read

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Alright let’s dive into this as per logs.

This is true, my bad on that side logs can be messy sometimes and I misread it, they were indeed rubber bullets.

I don’t think shadowing the wizard is quite the same as repeatedly trying to drug them to go to sleep screaming… let’s see here…
SAY: GrimlockCyber/(Duke Poison) "let me ROOFIE YOU" (Service Hallway (86, 151, 2))
…A lot…

As I can tell from logs, the wizard going to attack the HoS was at least to some degree, motivated by you trying to… Let’s see here… SAY: GrimlockCyber/(Duke Poison) "I roofied the wizzard." (Arrival Shuttle Hallway (63, 113, 2))
So basically, you were given the clear to follow the wizard and keep tabs on them, you were NOT given the okay to perform any kind of capturing or arrest of the wizard by the HoS, as the detective is not supposed to be performing arrests, especially with several online security officers, but we’ll come back to this point.

Still not a security officer, let the security force do their job unless the HoS specifically calls for extra help.

STIILL not a security officer, the detective can NOT perform arrests unless there is no other security available and the HoS explicitly gives you the go ahead, the HoS calling for an arrest is not permission considering there were three security officers available.

Demotion was threatened due to your multiple SoP breaks as a detective. You broke a lot of SoP here. and Finally,

during the fight with the wizard you shot fellow officers multiple times, given with rubber bullets but still shot.

Alright now this brings me to the actual ticket part that would have happened in game and I’ll try to keep it quick so we can finish this appeal up, First, have you read our rules? Second, are you familiar with your SoP as a detective?

I have read the rules every other time I join the server.

Before this round, I was unaware the detective had a seperate SOP compared to other officers. When I read the SOPs on the wiki, I was under the impression it was for all security personel.

A more common mistake than most people are willing to admit, you can find the SoP here

Scroll down below security officer and you can find detective. Alright everything else seems well here and you certainly don’t seem to be out here with malicious intent, seeing as this would likely have resulted in a note for your behavior had I had the chance to bwoink you in game I will lift the ban and apply the note, give it a couple minutes and you should be able to rejoin.

Appeal Accepted