Grim’s Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Grimmmy

Your Discord: Grim#9441

How long have you been playing ss13?: Roughly 450-500 hours.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: N/A

Game Experience (More Detailed): Most if not all of my game time has been beestation, I know medical, chemistry memorized fairly well, Basic setup of SMs. I’ve spent a majority of my time playing robotics, though I am still learning toxins and atmos. I know botany, and typically play a stealthier play style when an antag. I’ve experience with most antags except Wizard.

If there’s something I forgot to mention, please tell me.

Yes, Friendly player and an experiencd one.

You didnt mention your IC name, holding my questions and vote until mentioned

XSI-343 or Athena the ai, mostly play on mrp
Recently been messing around with a character named Angela melody, but probably won’t be sticking with them in the long run.


Grim has good conversations on the discord with good ideas and shows a great understanding of the game.

IC name doesn’t matter to me because argh argh argh admins see notes argh argh argh

Going to give this a +2.

  • Has nearly 500 hours.
  • Seems to have extensive ingame knowledge.
  • Haven’t had any negative run ins with him.


twenty character li

With about as many hours as I have, he knows this game inside and out. I’ve played with him, and he always seems to know how to exist. 2+

+2 lotsa hours, lotsa experience, also the char limit is 15 now dummo

+1 friendly and experienced at the game, as everyone else said.

+2, accepted. Welcome!