Got banned for understandably being a dick

CKEY: Cardsnapper

Admins CKEY: powerfulbacon

Banned on: LRP

Ban type: Server

Ban length: Permanent

Ban date: 2020-02-02

Round ID: 12123

Ban Reason: in a Durand, Firing off missiles and attacking people

Appeal Reason: okay first of all i have to say that i regret my decisions and the things i did. And that i completely understand why you banned me, I acted like a dick and didn’t anyone take else’s thoughts into account. Okay so what happened was, I after many a round of trying, had finally gotten my hands on a powerfull mech that wasn’t a Ridley or Ridley MK2. I got super excited but still contained myself to know that i shouldn’t kill anyone because well thats a dick move, anyways me and my partner in the lab got onto the evac ship and we were talking when suddenly i think someone put a bag of holding into a bag pf holding and blew up the shuttle, it killed everyone except for a few people. the ship managed to fly off though and there were like 2 people left on the ship. an engineer and someone else i don’t remember, and i think in that very moment. “Hey card, you got this awesome mech suit. why don’t you try it out”. And after thinking about this again i realize how much of a penis i truly was. After the round someone asked me why i did that. And in a sort of airplane mode state i said: “i thought it would be funny if i just killed everyone”, and that’s the end of it on my part. Now yet again i will say: I understood why you banned me and what i did but i’m just asking if you could at least turn the permanent into a temporary. I won’t do this again.

Additional Information: I understood that powerfulbacon wanted to get in contact with me and if you still do my discord username is SUCC. i’m on the beestation server.


Thanks for the appeal.

Obviously this what stupid on your part, but it is your first note / bwoink and the main reason for the permanent ban rather than temporary was the “i thought it would be funny if ijust killed everyone” response.
Since you have explained yourself somewhat I will reduce the ban length down to 2 weeks from starting date, considering you don’t have any other notes and was willing to make the appeal to apologise.

Edit: I just edited the ban down to 1 week (so it instantly expired), and now it can’t be edited again without making a new one.

Don’t do stuff like this in future if you are not an antagonist, or the permanent ban will be reinstated.