Got banned by admin for doing shitter shit

Title: caseapollo58143] banned by [naevi]

Admin’s CKEY:
naevi (not sure if thats the actual key but that is what is says so i think it is)
Ban Type:
game ban
Ban Length:
1o days
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
got banned for switching id’s with someone
Appeal Reason:
don’t want to be banned
Additional Information:
its been just over a month since this happened and I’d like to say I’ve at least slightly changed since then into someone who has a concept of an rp. Not here to weasel my way out of it and lie about because i definitely did (completely don’t remember the picking fights stuff but i wouldn’t be surprised if i did) with the cringe thing cringe is an actual word, but the context i was using it in was the unfunny reddit cringe. im not saying i didnt do it but that im sorry and that im slightly better than then. mouse went and epic failed on me anyway so cant play regardless of if ii get appealed or not but dont like the idea of being banned from like, the only server i play on

might not reply souper quick because it is 1:30 am and im tired

Naevi handed out dual-bans, which may have confused you.

You weren’t gamebanned for a month.
You were game banned for 9 days.

Said ban will expire on Second of September.

On the other hand, you WERE banned from all head positions and Security for a month.

Dont think of this as just a punishment, but an opportunity.

You have a chance to explore so much more of what the ss13 community has to offer.
TGMC, Goon, Para… all are willing to accept new players such as yourself.
Just… give em a shot.

I once only played on one server like yourself and it took me screwing myself over to open my eyes.

And when you come back in 7 days? You’ll be all the better for it.

i didnt misunderstand something, atleast i dont think so. it’s been about a month since i did the thing i got banned for 2 days ago

Hello, i am the admin who handled report that was filled against you and another player. you can read it here.

Unfortunately handling player reports is not constant. It requires time to go thru logs and we also have limited manpower. That’s why bans were issued almost a month after the incident.

In this situations bans were following:
server ban for 10 days, expires 2021-09-02
job ban for a month :command+security, expires 2021-09-23

Given your recent note history i have hard time believing your behavior has changed. So my opinion on this ban stays.

@cathymccathface hence why I advised you to get more experience.

Second opinion, keep the job ban. (Server ban expired)

Given the second opinion from Tyranic, the job ban will stay in effect.