Golden unban


**Admin’s CKEY:**Bastian0930

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**golden

**Ban Type:**temp

**Ban Length:**1wk

Ban Date (2020-02-22):

**Round ID:**12768

**Ban Reason:**not specified

**Appeal Reason:**i only threw one meth grenade and this guy bans me after someone screws with all the doors and locks them

Additional Information:

Ban reasons are always specified on the forums. We are required to put one in to process it. This is yours.

06:13:39: Bastian0930/(Sebastian Derancla) PM’d Bigdestyn/(Cruz Howe) 06:13:39: PM From Bastian0930/(Sebastian Derancla): so why’d you bomb the station?
06:13:52: Reply PM from-Bigdestyn/(Cruz Howe): someones screwing with doors. appeal on

I’m not sure what you are saying the appeal reason is or why the meth grenade was thrown. Was it to open a door, and was anyone hurt? If it was one grenade and no one was hurt by it then it may be excessive.

But this is also your 7th ban of differing severity with only 14 hours of playtime. That’s impressive and can lead to higher punishments.

nobody was injured and i just threw it cause of boredom

You blew a 3x3 hole in the station with a meth and. No doors were messed with stop lying I was in this round as AI and told bastian what was going on. I watched you walk through all the doors, drop the nade and walk away.

Just admit you fucked up and ask for a second chance

yeah but i got stuck in dorm showers cause the doors decided to break

He’s still making new lies, I dont know him IC, but from the other reports against him, aswell as his “Shitty” behaviour on shitposts, I don’t think he’s good for the community in any way and shouldn’t be allowed back on the server with some SERIOUS reperations. :sunglasses: :+1:

Like what are you suggesting he give/do?

I have no idea, I dont have much experience in bans as I’ve never administered one in SS13. It’s up to Bastian, but as kasual said, 7th ban in 14 hours of total playtime. He isn’t offering anything to the server’s community OOC or the station IC as a non-antag, acting in antag ways.

When I still worked for Monster as a ambassador and was addicted to IMVU there were beggars who would beg for in game gifts in game outfits and such. So I got the idea one day to let beggars actually get what they desire if they would write a short and positive essay on Monster and share it publicly on Pulse (Think of it as like a comment board where the most recent are on the top)

Maybe we can alter that idea to work for bans on the server. Make users that wish to come back after a failed normal appeal to write out a essay on why they should be allowed back. Or heck if that is too simply make them write a book report which would force them to read a book and then write about it. I think repeat offenders would become extremely rare as only the very sincere and missing the server would do that. So we would get the actual reformed players back and create a barrier not worth the time of the insincere.

Plus people don’t read enough today as it is so we would be doing our part in helping others find the joy of reading a good book.

“a good book” honestly the few shitters that acutally get long bans would just write 3 pages about “why sex is good and ban bad”. Also this could give people like Xyzzium a chance to come back because “they’re good at writing texts”
If really noone was around then it shouldn’t be one week, since the firelocks prevent too much air from escaping and the only onedirectly harmed would be himself.
Heck I suicide bombed a nuke op at medbay with a medium bomb, got bwoinked and the bwoink was closed almost immediately

Well if their report was that off-topic and terrible then they obviously would just be wasting their own time. As for severe offenses that are simply unforgivable like Xyzz did this path wouldn’t apply to them.

You’re also blindly takingKillergang’s word for it that the doors were locked. This doesn’t seem to be the case as no admin has stepped in with something validating that claim. A round witness testifying its also not the case. He even changes his own story back and forth.

“nobody was injured and i just threw it cause of boredom”

Here we get a confession and then right back to the lie.

“yeah but i got stuck in dorm showers cause the doors decided to break”

So I don’t get why you are defending him. The lying justifies the ban. As if the bombing of the station as a non-antag, because they were bored, wasn’t bad enough. If admins read this comment do me a favor though and try to see if any doors were impassable for him. If that part is true see if he used his comms to try to reach the AI, engineering, or just anyone for help before using such drastic measures.

Oh, hey, this is the same guy that I banned because he went off and [REDACTED.]

Yeah, no, the ban should stick.

Yeah, I dont think this should be removed what so ever. You seem to be a griefer. Come back when you wont randomly bomb places. Appeal in a few months.