Glyphee's Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Glyphee

Your Discord: Glyphee#7922

How long have you been playing ss13?: I started playing around September of 2020 after seeing a YouTube video of some gameplay.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Don’t have anyone specifically that comes to mind.

Game Experience (More Detailed):

I have about 650+ hours in game. I mostly stick to Medical, but I do play in other departments quite often. I am fairly well versed in most aspects of the station, I do however know very little about the whole of the Engineering department and in Science, Toxins and Nanites specifically. I can set up the Gas turbine and tell you most of the steps for the SM but that’s about it for Engineering.


  • AI 47h (7%)
  • Assistant 6h (0%)
  • Bartender 14h (2%)
  • Botanist 10h (1%)
  • Brig Physician 15h (2%)
  • Captain 34h (5%)
  • Cargo Technician 4h (0%)
  • Chaplain 17h (2%)
  • Chemist 20h (3%)
  • Chief Medical Officer 114h (16%)
  • Clown 10h (1%)
  • Cook 60m (0%)
  • Curator 6h (1%)
  • Cyborg 25h (3%)
  • Detective 11h (1%)
  • Paramedic 12h (1%)
  • Geneticist 7h (1%)
  • Barber 2h (0%)
  • Stage Magician 2h (0%)
  • Debtor 1h (0%)
  • Psychiatrist 2h (0%)
  • VIP 3h (0%)
  • Head of Personnel 30h (4%)
  • Head of Security 29h (4%)
  • Janitor 8h (1%)
  • Lawyer 2h (0%)
  • Medical Doctor 25h (3%)
  • Mime 6h (0%)
  • Quartermaster 29h (4%)
  • Research Director 11h (1%)
  • Roboticist 24h (3%)
  • Scientist 23h (3%)
  • Security Officer 20h (2%)
  • Shaft Miner 13h (1%)
  • Station Engineer 14h (2%)
  • Virologist 11h (1%)
  • Warden 13h (2%)
  • Living 675h (100%)
  • Lifebringer 50m (0%)
  • Ash Walker 2h (0%)
  • Servant Golem 2h (0%)
  • Free Golem 3h (0%)
  • Translocated Vet 30m (0%)
  • Ancient Crew 2h (0%)
  • Space Bartender 10m (0%)
  • Lavaland Syndicate 3h (0%)
  • Ghost 31h (4%)

This guy has 600 hours and no bans.

I’ll wait for some questions before I give my vote though.

(not sure if peasants can ask question, but if you are bored here we go:)

A new player wants to know why his floorbot does not reply anymore. What might have happened?

Borg player sees a lot of blood and gore in maints but no other characteristical antag traits. What might it be?

New player tries to save someone with epipens. It works at the beginning, but then they die and every time he revives them they die faster than he can save them. What is he doing wrong?

“Josef Schmitz (Unknown)” is writing in commons. What does that mean?

How to unhusk a miners corpse?

How to use chromosomes?

Alright. Question time.

1: Best way to cool down a room?
2: Room is spaced, how fix?
3: What air alarm mode do you use to purge toxic gases?
4: How make Tritium?
5: Felinid or IPC?

1: Not too experience in atmos, but I would either space the room, then refill with room temperature air, use some atmos foam, or a bunch of coolers.
2: Fix the breach, if its a wall, build some walls, the floor, put down some bars then a tile, and then refill with air either with the air alarm on refill or by opening a canister, or opening a door.
3: Contaminated I believe.
4: Like I said, atmos isn’t my strong suit, but I believe you have to burn plasma in an oxygen rich environment.
5: Moff

Fair enough. Thats why i asked since atmos questions are common enough to warrant it.


Either that or Draught it.

Eh…i mean if you want an incredibly simple answer, sure…?

That was not an option but ok.

Neutral on this. Sorry.

Well if you can ask questions,
1: Not really sure that I understand the question.

2: If its near botany it could be a botanist making a mess with blood tomatoes, it could also just be an extra dirty randomly generated maintenance room. If body parts count as gore, then it could have been the site of a changeling explosion, or whatever its called when they become a headspider.

3: You say “epipens” so I assume the player uses multiple, and if more than 2 were used in quick succession, which would make the person overdose and cause damage instead of heal. They should move the person onto a stasis bed then filter their blood, or if the person is able to live for a bit, they should use some charcoal or in an emergency something like calomel or pentetic acid.

4: Josef Schmitz has a mask on or some face covering and doesn’t have an id card or PDA in their id slot, so they appear as Josef Schmitz (as Unknown) to people nearby because they can still recognize his voice.

5: Get the burn damage below 50, then use 100u of synthflesh on them by patches or spraying, but it is almost always faster and uses less synthflesh to just remove the brain then clone them.

6: Chromosomes can be obtained by using used gene activators on the genetics console. There are different types that have different effects on the mutations. If someone has a mutation, you can put them into the scanner, then insert the chromosome into the mutation to put the chromosome’s effects onto it.


could be higher but ok

Waiting for more mentor input on this.

I don’t see any reason not to

Yeah he is only on +2

Seems pretty cool

  1. How to revive a ling victim?
  2. A person mhelps “How to fix a gland I found in maint?” how do you respond?
  3. Another mhelp “I am dead in space and engineer that was about to save me is ssd, help” how do you respond?
  1. How to revive a ling victim?

First you should check that it is an actual changeling victim, you can try to extract blood and if there is none then they might just be empty, or you could try to clone the brain but if the DNA is messed up then the only option is a brain transplant. Or if they want to be borged that is a possibility.

  1. A person mhelps “How to fix a gland I found in maint?” how do you respond?

The glands aren’t broken, despite the examination message, and work just find when inserted, if vomiting plasma and laying eggs count as “working just fine”.

  1. Another mhelp “I am dead in space and engineer that was about to save me is ssd, help” how do you respond?

Part of the game is dying alone and afraid. Wait a bit and see if the engineer wakes up, and if not then you should try out a ghost role. You can access them from the “Ghost” verb in the top right, then the “Spawners” menu.

People succed by a ling always have messed up DNA

Good answers

Nice answers for the most part though, moths? Really? smh :pensive:

T: +5

Accepting at +5

You are now a member of Beestation Staff. Keep in mind that you are held to a higher standard than an average player. Good luck