Glennerbean's appeal, banned by megamememan

CKEY: Glennerbean

Admin’s CKEY: megamememan

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Gold

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: 35 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 07-11-2020

Round ID: 18423

Ban Reason: as RD, plasmaflooded research and the area surrounding research because they “thought they were a plasmaman” when they were very clearly human, authed by Kerbin

Appeal Reason: I feel that the ban was unjustified due to the fact that for most of the round I was, in fact, a plasmaman, and was unaware of the fact that I was not a plasmaman until close to the end of the round.

Additional Information: I had started the round as a plasmaman, but towards the end of the round I was transformed into a human and did not realize this fact until later.

This is going to look like one silly ban if his statements are true.


didnt even distro flood smh

“well it’s ok for me to plasmaflood the place because I breathe that shit”
yeah and what about everyone else that doesn’t.
what you breathe also doubles as a fire hazard


Yeah, but it warrants a much less severe punishment than if he actually was a plasmeme who could survive it and help contain it if things went wrong, vs just some guy flooding and making a shitty excuse.

Doesn’t mean he should’ve done it or that he should get off with nothing, but 35 days is a long time since it seems to have been done with good intentions instead of as blatant grief like the ban implies

I remember instances where this was allowed before. Sometimes there were entire teams of plasmamen involved even. I do believe they took safety cautions against things happening though like asking Captain permission, the crew informed, and having the AI on standby to help should something actually occur.

I can understand it being a red flag without this but not exactly a 35 day ban

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Shouldnt be unbanned even if hes telling the truth, but ban should be significantly shortened, if I had an say I would give him a week and tell him to get approval and not use an area where lots of non-plasmemes go

No one has stated that he got approval or not yet though. Shouldn’t we find that out for sure before we assume it? Otherwise yeah totes a more limited punishment would be fitting.

I released the plasma because I wasn’t able to breathe and it was a last resort in hopes of being able to not die. Not because I just wanted a private room full of plasma.

oh fuck, damn that sucks but you know you would’ve lit it on fire and as well they said you were human

In hindsight yes, but in the moment I wasn’t relay focusing on if i was on fire or not, just panicking about a sudden lack of air(plasma).

You do realize that plasma burns, right?

I do not know much about plasma, so not relay.

:neutral_face: bruh why are you playing as plasma man then

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To see what it does, I don’t really remember why. Might have been wanting to go mine?

Welp, this one is now a sticky permaban for evasion and playing dumb in the ticket.