Gimmick Traitor items

get chap id, activate uplink, you can now get cult kit Artificier can then make door

Okay, but the cult door doesn’t have the effect I’d like. I can’t make people bounce in the halls because I put two of these things adjacent to each other so they’re ping ponged in-between them.

Two cult doors :sunglasses:

That is CRINGE!!!

Modeling clay. Using it in one hand with another item in your other hand creates a Non-functional replica of the item. When the replica is clicked or used, it makes a gooey noise in the text window. Hitting someone with it does minimal stamina damage. When examined in hand, it has the same examine text except it says “Something seems off about it…” at the end. The only exception to the “nonfunctional” rule is that you can still do the point & threaten thing with a replica gun.
I think the examine text for an unmoulded blob of clay should reference the “Green Stuff” familiar to WH40K and other model building fandoms.


Fake Splatted Facehugger, fake husk (which seems to still have a soul), and fake Fractured Reality. Spray that colors a floor to look like xeno weed. Tiny speaker that plays Blob or Morph noises, or just loud bangs.
If Sec/Command thinks there is an existential threat to the station, they may be less attentive to the subtle tactics of the single Syndicate operative taking out a specific target.

Rigged gambling items.

Rigged Russian Roulette. First person to pick it up activates it and becomes the owner. The gun will never fire a live round when the owner holds it, will always fire a live round (if loaded) if held by anyone else.

Chameleon Card Reading Glasses. Able to see the other side of any playing cards.

Coin-On-A-String. Coin goes in one armed bandit, re-appears in your hand.

Weighted Dice. Activates like the gun, always rolls top 50% of possible dice numbers for owner, bottom 50% for others.

Also let me add “Hacker Disk”. Use on any computer/laptop. Use to “hack” the network, giving the user a choice of 2-3t consoles. Pick one, gains partial access to said console (comms, cams, access, sec/med records, power/atmo etc.) Has a chance of blowing the console being cloned. Has a small chance of triggering a Station wide message about a hacker. Inserting antivirus into a computer has a chance of disabling the hacking device and possibly revealing hack location. The better the anti-virus, the higher the chance.

Uses of this is to give options, from gaining some extra access, to tracking your target on cams, to disabling comms for a bit.

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Feline race-exclusive item: the Turbolaser Pointer
Using it on a creature/player inflicts some burn damage and a temporary blind.
Using it on a location within 4 points of your location teleports you there with a positive moodlet for catching the red dot. Needs line of sight, not necessarily line of effect. Has a cooldown between uses.
Cheaper than other teleporting items available to syndicate agents.
Looks like the standard laser pointer but with the Syndicate black & red color scheme.

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Decoy Grenade. Think CSGO’s except it plays not only gunfires but also eswords, screaming, gibbing, all the funny sounds that could distract sec for a bit.

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If this works through glass you just made an insanely stealthy way to sneak into bridge or steal hand tele with no evidence behind. I love it and want it

Yes, that’s what I meant by “line of sight”

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Chalk for the mime so they can draw chalky mimes on the ground that become weak simple mobs (chalk golems that look like mimes?).
for ghosts to inhabit

You know the “everything is cake” meme?
A kitchen knife for cooks that turns everything it cuts into cake slices. Bottle cake, Cake cake, Stetchkin Pistol cake, etc.

Cutting someone with it does slightly more damage than a kitchen knife, and makes them drop a cake slice with each stab
i.e “Miriam Hornet Cake Slice”

ooh make the knife take a bit of blood from the person maybe? as like fuel for the cake making???.

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I’m of the opinion that every race and job should have at least one Exclusive item.

Race-exclusive item for Apids: Stinger Implant.
Using this Implant on yourself gives you an action button in your top bar which puts a stinger in one hand like the Botany back sprayer. Capacity of 100 units. Two modes of operation switched between by using in hand. Covert and Overt. Covert mode doesn’t give a notification to others but injects fewer units. Overt says “you’ve been poked with something sharp” in the targets text window but injects more units of fluid. No progress bar to use (like the hypospray) but has a few seconds cooldown to make it less OP. Comes with 100 units of Toxin in the box with the implant but you can put whatever liquid you want in it. Use the hand stinger on a reservoir containing fluid to refill it.

Since Detective can apparently be a traitor, here’s a job exclusive item for them:
The False Witness. Looks like a regular Detective scanner.
When used to scan something, displays the correct output for what it’s scanning but brings up a text prompt for each data point detected (fingerprints, fibers, fluid contents, etc), asking if you want to enter a different value in memory. If you print the memory, it outputs the most recent version.
Useful for hiding your trail or pinning a crime on someone else.

Im not sure if framing gear should be the right way to go here. This will make det be respected even less.

I don’t see how that’s any more problematic than Roboticist mass-producing a slave army with AA, or chemist slipping poison into pills, or the engineer “accidentally” setting the SM to explode. If the Detective is too obvious then the HoS can just print a new Forensic Scanner. I’d really like to try to understand your position on this.

Because it makes the one thing that makes det unique (the scanner) unreliable, which makes sec just investigate themselves, especially when they can just print new scanners.
Merge the PR to make them unprintable already.