Gimmick ideas thread

post ideas for gimmicks here I guess

here is one I thought of:
scientist the the depression quirk who tries to make love potions so he could love himself


one i’ve been meanin to do for a while is a chemist gimmick where i put on a wizard outfit and pretend to be a wizard with a satchel of “spells” which are just chemicals i renamed to magic shit (thermite is fireball, meth is speed, etc)


Mister Freeze:
Play cook with the freezing mutation, build snow walls, snow tiles, serve ice cream and wear a fitting outfit.


Implant a grenade and a radio into a guy as an antag (preferrably src member), make him do your dirty work.

Song of Silence:
Play mime with musician trait, express yourself with songs instead of words (which is actually my current mime gimmick)

Why would I play something I can easily just do

Artist Heretic
Basically do the thing from actual cultist simulator and do some kind of art
Painting (if it were in the code) writing, spraycanning, whatever you feel like
Slowly RP a descent into madness as you seek out more and more depraved ingreedients for inspiration
Ascend, and paint the station with blood as your final masterpiece


I actually did something exactly like this when I used to play clown. I had a shift where I reported on the stations affairs and got turned into a clockcultist halfway through. My reports slowly got more and more suspicious. Until the last one just being called “THE ONE TRUE GOD” and a picture of the Ark.