Gilbertbates Banned by notashark

Title: gilbertbates banned by notashark

CKEY: gilbertbates

Admin’s CKEY: notashark

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2022-11-04 17:43:56

Round ID: 41194

Ban Reason: Assitant, name Grey Tidenson. Refused to respond to bwoink. Appeal this on the forusm if you care

Appeal Reason: I’m not particularly sure of what happened, during the end of the round I got a PM from an administrator, had no name , I checked the admin staff , there was no one online at that moment and I don’t particularly remember doing anything out of the rules or at least what I think , the PM said “hey hey there” 2 in fact , I responded “hey” , got another message along the lines of “fun name, fun gear” and something else that I don’t remember, got another one moments later “ill make it easier for you”, few moments later I got disconnected , tried rejoining and I was banned , not sure why as the reason doesn’t go into more details and I had responded for the first 2 , as said before , I’m not sure of what happened


You probably got bwoinked for breaking the naming guidelines. Not giving you a chance to explain yourself or change your name is kinda bad, though.

Edit: Apparently this is marked as off-topic. Telling the confused individual why they got bwoinked is off-topic.


While Grey Tideson is probably a bad human name, you could theoretically go full RP and be an oozeling named Grey Tiderson, created by a tider who was promptly arrested after your creation, and when asking who made you, someone responded with “a Tider” which would result in your name being Grey Tiderson.

Was this the intent? probably not. But I am just tossing this out there. It would fall into Oozeling naming rules, and still have valid RP, assuming you didnt just play another greytider.

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Grey Tiderson definitely wouldn’t pass admin discretion when it comes to naming policy even for oozelings (it’s an obvious meme name). This is getting off-topic though.

Seems on topic, its half the reason they got banned. But your input basically puts that to rest. Not acceptable name, will make a note of that


although , it’s not Grey Tiderson , it’s Tidenson a slight difference

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Hello, im am fairly busy at the moment, but id like ask my you failed to respond to the ticket in any coherent manner? I gave you multiple chances to do

i failed to respond the ticket more cohesively because i was confused , thought it was like the game “trolling” the player like the ban hammer playing off the bwoink , i had checked the admin staff and there was no one online at that moment and when i had responded with hey i didnt get an answer on what i did or at least what i remember or what i saw, that’s why

We can still be online if the game doesn’t say we are.
We have a “Stealth” mode.

i don’t know that much of the server , since i joined pretty recently so this is news to me


Sorry for the delay. Please make sure to respond to admin pms if you can

If youre busy ic, we can wait, but not responding during roundend is questionable.
Ill lift this, though please use a sensible name from now on.

yeah fair enough , i was just very confused and i will change my name

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