Genpop suggestion feedback thread

Post your feedback and reports about issues regarding Genpop here!


anyone with brig access can enter evidnece storage, thus sec gear room

only bottom interrogation room doors are named Prisoner Education Chamber and there are no second door to room above

only interrogation room doors lead to Solitary Confinement… also Solitary Confinement doors are connected and open simultaneously, not great

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no disposal unit in brig room
no weight machine or punching bag in gear room
no secured locker in evidence or safe

but i love new brig, specially how nice prison is

Where can I check this out?

On Sage now, it will be loaded with BoxStation

You mean they are not anchored? Or that they are not the right subtype?

how long will this be going on?

For as long as necessary and/or possible (depends on what maints have to say)

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Not the right subtype, half of them should be evidence lockers, half sould be secure evidence lockers


Honestly pretty good overall, though might be a good idea to allow people to make custom access rotation doors, instead of the only sec access ones.

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That wall on the air alarm and the others should be reinforced, given the others around the area surrounding it (going left and right) are reinforced

System is great! might need to play it a few more rounds to give a good feedback so i will update soon

Sorry, i meant that there is no secure evidence locker.

Bumping this for those that participated in the recent TM

  • On corg (perhaps other maps), the lawyer can access the prison, meaning they can let prisoners in and out because it is set to brig access and not security access (or the other way around).
  • On Delta, there is a rogue firelock here
  • Also on Delta, this sign blocks buttons
  • This corner could use a light on Delta
  • Floating intercom on Delta

I love the gameplay so much thank you for porting this

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Really loving it so far, so the only things i can point out are small nitpicks!

Leaving the shuttle link and light issues on the holodeck area the only thing i can point are:

This solitary confinement is… well, solitary! If that person manages to earn solitary confinement they shouldn’t have a door that’s just one shove away from just running out (even if they’ll get baton’d) design wise it’s just a little silly, personally i’d like at least an airlock with window so the prisoner can communicate with the Warden and not just… dark room simulator, mostly to not be completely unfair with the person that earned the sentence there, alternative you could make it like a small time-out area using the old system (some other servers have both genpop and regular cell timers mixed between maps) those are just suggestions.


The armory on Delta lacks any motion sensor cameras on all three sides, those obviously are used so they can alert AI, borgs or Warden (through looking) that someone’s outside, someone speedran making a false wall 10 minutes into the shift and we only realized because the borg noticed the air alarm and i doubt they destroyed the three cameras (or maybe they did), keep a look if all the other station still have it

I was gonna point other stuff but Marshmelow got it

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forgot to take a screenshot, but on one of the maps there was an extra windoor next to the warden’s desk in front of a wall

Can you tell me which map at least?

Considering the timeframe of their post it’s most likely Corg since that was the round where it was TM’d before the little oopsie and it went down for a round, even if it’s back on

Also! Corg disposals must’ve gotten fucked because the trash ends up on HoS office
corgh os office

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I dont remember, unfortunately