Geatish Mentor Application: Electric Boogaloo

Your CKEY: Geatish

Your Discord: Geatish

How long have you been playing ss13?: June 2022

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:
I have no meta friends : (
Game Experience (More Detailed):

I mainly play Sci and atmos, but i have strong understanding of basically every job, except for botanist, i am still to master how you do things there. Silicon gameplay is also something i not too familiar with, though i know most of the basics there.


There goes my questions:

1-) How do i change my target?
2-) Hey i am a doctor. This guy is taking constant toxin damage, their liver is fine and has no bad drugs in them. What is wrong with them?
3-) Is self-surgery a thing?

Specify by what kind of target, are you an antag? In such case what antag are you?

Im gonna assume your patient is a human. Have they been exposed to radiation? If thats the case your health analyser should state if they are irradiated, if you got he advanced one it should be more precise in how irradiated they are.
My other bet would be that they got appendicitis. To cure it you need to remove their appendix, which you can do by doing organ manipulation on the groin area.

It is, though you are more limited, you cant do any surgery that requires you to cut through bone (though self amputation is still possible) and there is a high likelihood that you’ll fail each step. There are some things that can make you have a higher success rate, such as doing surgery on a surgical table, being next to a mirror, using advanced surgical tools and using either sterilizine or honey (the better option).

Specify by what kind of target, are you an antag? In such case what antag are you?

I am heretic.
2-) Nice
3-) Good

You can, but you first need to get the relentless heartbeat knowledge, then preforming the ritual. This will reroll your targets, but it can happen that you get the same target again.

I’m glad you applied, you’re a fairly good guy with a good bit of game knowledge, I’d vouch for you.

Here’s some questions for you, assume they are all written tickets:

  • What is the best chaplain weapon and why?
  • How do you scan health as detective?
  • Can I kill someone if we have IC conflict?
  • how do instant kill people from far?

Kinda subjective, the nullrod already got the highest hit damage. But if you want it permanently attached to you, you could go with the chainsaw, armblade or gods had, all having upsides like the armblade and chainsaw being able to cut and gods had dealing burn instead of brute, though youll loose gods hand if your arm gets cut off. If you want the highest possible damage in one hit then id go with the atheist fedora, almost having the dubble of the nullrod. The hypertool is also kinda fun in that it deals only brain damage, it takes 12 hits to kill with it, but you can give some nasty brain traumas, maybe even permenet which is fun. Theres a bit too much to go through in just one Mhelp, you can gladly read more about each one on the wiki.Chaplain - BeeStation Wiki

Pretty easy, just open your pda and choose the physical scanner app, choose the health option in there and scan away.

Thats an admin question.

Depends, in my biased opinion it would be to have a blast cannon and a record breaking ttv which probably will take 2 hours to make, but then you could cut through the station as easily as a immovable rod can. You could also just make a normal maxcap and attached proximity senor to it, essentially making the worlds most powerfull landmine.
What job do you got anyway? and what tot are you? could help you figure out the best possible configuration for you situation

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Pretty good answers, only suggestion would be…

I’d phrase this as ‘can you access x’ and not ‘what job are you’ because its easier to know less metaknowledge as to not accidentally use it.

Otherwise, I think you’re capable and I’m glad you want to sign up to help, take my +1


Yeah. Looks good to me. I am fine with hours too.
T: +2

:moth: question time

how does research tier and discovery work?
where can i get upgrades for my crusher?
what do i need to make moth mutation toxin?

  1. A a greyed out corpse appeared in medbay but I can’t revive him even with 0 damage, help

  2. How do I get the heretic book?

You have two types of points, general and discovery points. The general points you get over time and is the main currency you use to get different techs. Discovery points are generated by doing different tasks, mainly making a ttv research bomb and scanning different animals. They are used to unlock tech on a higher tier and advance your current tech tier, the higher tier a tech is compared to your current tech tier the more expensive it is going to be in regards to discovery points, so its recommended that you start with the tech just above your current tier to not waste your points. You will also naturally move upwards in tech tier by researching higher level tech.

You gain them by killing different lavaland fauna and bosses. The minor fauna you might need to kill several of to have an upgrade drop.

You need to mix 5 parts unstable mutation toxin to 10 parts. To get the unstable mutation toxin you need to inject a green slime extract with radium, then grind it down to get the regent.

You asked very similar questions to my last app smh :pensive:

They have been husked, to unhusk them you then to have less than 50 burn damage and will need to apply either 100 units of synthflesh or 5 units of reazone.

I assume you mean the Codex Cicatrix? To get it you must first research the codex cicatrix knowledge, then you need to preform its ritual, which is: A bible (printable in the library or easily stolen from the chaple) A hide of any kind (such as monkey or corgie hide) and a fountain pen ( hardest to find but can be found in the library or ordering the calligraphy crate through cargo.)

looks good +1 151515

Denied due to being currently muted on Discord. Mentors are considered to be a part of staff and as such represent us to an extent; this applies equally ingame, on our discord, and here on the forums. You’re welcome to reapply once you’ve appealed your mute and have kept out of trouble for some time.