Geatish - discord note appeal

Discord ID: Geatish

Admin Discord ID: Crossedfall

Ban Type: Note

Ban Length: n/a

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 06/17/2023

Ban Reason: Rule 2 and 4. Taking things way too far. Both with regards to the gif you posted of the cat being brutally torn in half and also just the general things you’ve been saying leading up to your automated timeout. Step away for a bit.

Appeal Reason: This was from half a year ago so my memories are a bit fussy about it, but I do remember that there was an argument about the boykisser meme out of all things. People were posting the boykisser cat and I, who think it’s a really stupid and annoying meme, got pretty annoyed with it said something along the lines of that people who think this meme ls funny are most likely annoying and unfun to be around irl. The convo descended into just posting shitty memes back and forth, one of them the aforementioned gif.
The gif as crossed described it in the note is a gross missdescription of the actual gif and I do not believe it was violating rule 4.
I will not post it for obvious reasons and or because I don’t really have the capabilities to find it right now, but if I were to describe it in my own words it would be that; a crudely drawn gatic phone gif of said boykisser cat getting torn in two by two ropes. I can’t stress the crudeness of of the gif, the blood in it is comical how bad it is. I would also like to point out that the gore in the gif is just a notch higher than the gore in ss13.

I do not recall what I have leading up to the note, but seeing that I was probably frustrated I most likely said something that I wouldn’t say today. I’ve been actively trying to change the way I am after spending so much time in toxic discord and ss13 servers and i think i have a lot to show for it, maybe some of the admins who know me over a longer time can attest to that. Though I do not believe that I am fully safe from slipups yet like other people here are, I do believe that my effort and will to be a part of this community shows.

Additional Information:
I would have applied this earlier, but misunderstanding how the point system worked and general procrastination made me do it first now.

Agree to disagree.

You were muted yesterday for posting inappropriate content and before that you were continuing to bait staff. This warning clearly hasn’t become irrelevant. This appeal is denied.