Geaish Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Geatish

Your Discord: Geatish

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since Jun 22 2022, so almost 1000 hours across goon, tg and bee

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: No one has dared to give me one

Game Experience (More Detailed):

Im pretty well versed in science, atmos and all medbay roles. The only places id say id be lacking is in botany and silicone gameplay. Been thinking of learning botany, but i’ve been so caught up playing as virologist lately.


Alright, decent player, have questions. Assume these are mhelps that come through to you.

  • Can I attack someone for having traitor item (emag)
  • How 2 grow meth botany???
  • Help SM not turning on

how do i get discovery points?
why did i just turn into a legion?
how do i make moth mutation toxin :moth:

Theres multiple ways of getting discovery points, simplest (but least rewarding) would be to just use the discovery scanner you spawn with and scan different animals you find to “discover” them. You can also scan every new type of slime that evolvs in xenobiologist. Best way would be to build a Maxcap ttv and explode it on the test range for 25000 discovery points.

Either you got killed by a legion and got turned into them or you used one of their soul cores while you still had one active in you, which gave you a virus that eventually turned you into one.

You need to mix 5 parts unstable mutation toxin to 10 parts. To get the unstable mutation toxin you need to inject a green slime extract with radium, then grind it down to get the regent.

This is a question for the admemes

My knowledge is limited about botany, but i know you can mutate weed into omega weed, that has meth in it and you can extract that meth gene and add it to a different plant. (ive seen people use ambrotia for single regent plants.)

Have you turned on the emitters?

  1. Good call on that, you should always forward them to ahelp
  2. Good.
  3. “Yes but no laser help???”

Theres usally a room with blast doors around the sm room that has extra emitters, if there are none there you can build your own by printing emitter boards at a cuircut lathe. If you just want to soft start it you can always just throw something (or someone) into it.

help laser thing orange what???

Its not getting enough power, most likley is that you havnt placed it on a cable end or the cable doesnt have any power in it.

Yep, good. Have a +1

T: +1

Should probably recommend to pop a pac-man down on a knot in the circuit too.

i could’ve, but its most likely that they didnt place it on a cable to begin with.

The roundstart emitters start on cables. It’s extremely common for people new the the SM to take long enough that the SMES runs dry by the time they get are ready to turn it on.

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that’s true, but in this case they had to rebuild the emitters since they were gone. Also if they wanted to know how to restore power they could have continued the question. Also Also, getting a inducer and a powercell is way easier than setting up a pac-man imo

Emitters need wire power, not room power though. (Anyway this is getting peanutty let’s stop)


Holy heck the egg-head is REAL.

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Here are my questions:

1-) I am an AI, my apc is dying and i see only 2-3 tile now, everything else is black. How can i fix this?
2-) I am trying to move but my character is not moving. What do i do?
3-) How do i plasmaflood spesific room?
4-) My heretic target is ssd. Is it fine that i kill them?

  1. How do I fix an emagged door?
  2. How do I explode stuff as malf AI?
  3. Where can I find a canvas?

Simple, just screw open the the door cover and crowbar the old fried electronics out and replace it with a new airlock electronic, then just screw the door together. Make sure before you put it in to set the right accesses to the airlock electronic.

As a malf AI you will have access to purchases new abilitets in the new “malfunction” tab, to explode machinery you need to get the machine overload ability which grants you 2 uses before you need to buy it again.

Usally you can find them in the library or in a designated art storage, but you can also find them in the art supply crate you can order from cargo.

I actually have no idea how, but im going to guy guess anyway. First id make sure that the power storage units are actually giving me power, if not, max the output. Second id just scream for help.

Can you provide more info? Are you buckled to something?

Easiest and most straightforward way is to just open a can of plasma in your target room and ignite it with something. If you want to contain the plasmaflood to the specific room make sure you seal off any open airways for plasma to escape from with a holo fan or just normal walls.

If you want to be a bit more stealthy you hide an injector in that room (maybe under a potted plant?) and get a pipe leading out to a secluded spot where you connect the plasma can to. You can also just cut the distro pipeing leading to that room and attach the can directly to that then, find the air alarm and either hack it or if you got access use your id to access the operating modes and set it to “refill”

This is an admin question so ill just move it upwards.