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i dont care anymore, but i cant find a delete button

You need to fill these out, my CKEY is Marshmellow10. Your CKEY is your username, so: LadyGeneveve

You were actually PM’d because you had kept the prisoner there for almost ten minutes (without a timer running) before then setting his timer to 15 for ‘grand trespass’ in your own words.
I used the bwoink to discuss all of the SOP you broke and the space law you misread, so you could learn from it and improve.

Instead of listening, you just told me ‘I’m tired can I go now’ and were generally very dismissive of everything I said to you.

When an admin bwoinks you for misconduct, you cant just go ‘I’m tired I’m just going to let him go’. You did something wrong and the point of the conversation is to make you recognise that.

The SECOND bwoink came when after the ticket was done (a good minute or two) you used LOOC to complain about ‘admins on my ass because I didn’t read him his rights quick enough’, completely dismissing anything I had said to you.

LOOC is NOT for salt and NOT for complaining about being bwoinked, so I went to talk to you about it, and you disconnected.

Disconnecting during a ticket is typically a permaban to the forums, if you are actually trying to use this post to appeal that ban, it should be formatted as a ban appeal.


I observed a bit of that round and i feel like i should comment on it just from what was said with others on d-chats, the mods are free to mark it as a spam, regardless my intentions are not to peanut but this help a little extra to this player.

I can comment that regardless of the outcome of this report, which is for a headadmin to handle it’s a good chance for you, considering you’re slightly new, to take a good re-read of the Space Law , Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP) of Security and lastly of course our Server Rules

You did infact broke a couple of Space Law and SoP rules during that whole ordeal which is what Marshmellow10 bwoinked you for, however as someone who saw some of the context i could understand that you just got too overwhelmed with stress and emotions, you were the only officer on a quite chaotic shift against a scientist traitor that was super LRP(which he was ahelped for i believe so that doesn’t matter) and you almost died multiple times against said traitor because you were missing following some protocols(securing contraband, the cuffs+flash+baton to subdue them, timers, etc)

Ultimately Marshmellow was just trying to show you how to improve and understand what you were doing was wrong, hence why i recommend you to read the links provided above so you re-familiarize with them and think everything with a cold head, a stressful scenario and an admin asking you question can put one on edge but no admin will do it just to be ‘‘on your ass’’ most of them geniunely want to help the player to realize their wrong doings so they can hopefully improve their behaviour and enjoy the game with others.

As for the rest that’s up to admins discretion to resolve this and again apologies for the message, i felt that it was needed to give some clarifications with no ill intents towards a almost-new player that might’ve gotten too emotional in stressful scenario, admins are free to mark this as a spam if they seem it fit. Cheers.

Edit: Seems like the Edit 5 they did before the last one had a more better format with more info, up for admins or Marsh if they want to clarify OP claims even if they decided to drop the thread


To clarify : this would not be grounds for permabrigging them.
Yes, stealing the nuke core would fall under this.

However, him only planning to steal it means that you should’ve treated the situation as if he’d committed a Major crime instead of a Capital one.

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while this is true, and i did realize this after the round ended, the admin didnt bwoink me about that. that was not mentioned in any of the numerous bwoinks they gave me

This should probably be a ban appeal instead of a staff report. Admin messaging people isn’t a policy violation in any capacity.

It was two (2) bwoinks. One for the sec conduct and one for misuse of LOOC.

I didn’t mention the capital crime bit because I thought you were correct in using M08 and seeking approval from the captain.

I believe you are misunderstanding what happened, every time I replied to you it makes a bwoink sound. There was only two tickets.

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Closing at the poster’s request.