Ganima Verlice Player Feedback

At the 200h mark now. Playing mostly medical and security. What do you think of our interactions?



Post a photo of your character, im bad with names.

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A very lovely person with whom it is always a pleasure to have a heart to heart chat.

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Thank you Kiko! I remember you from low pop Acacia rounds.

I think my first ever interaction with Gani was this pink haired doctor appearing on my screen, hugging and head patting me, and calling me “my cute”

That was pretty funny, and now I’m glad whenever we get to rarely interact IC. Definitely a character I want to talk to more, and get more interaction with in general :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Kie! I guess we never really got to do some big RP. Especially now that I seem to play only command. Sadge.

It’s fun to interact with Ganima, very competent at their job as well. Would love to talk with them more.

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Thank you Miri! But I’m not sure what gave you the idea that I’m competent haha.

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