Game Ban Appeal Thefallout

Thefallout banned by fighterslam This ban is on Sage and applys to all servers.
Round ID: 32364
Ban type: Server
Ban length: Forever
Banned for: Plasmaflooded the emergency shuttle against subverter’s wishes, aswell as general LRP behavior. D/Ced after bwoink.

I am aware that I fucked up for the plasmaflooding of the shuttle by saying “yeah go ahead” as I was not paying attention to what they said, I did not directly flood the emergency shuttle myself, I had prior told the borgs to stop plasmaflooding, I am not aware if they did or not. I’ll try to fix the LRP behavior, however I am not aware of what I said/did in low rp behavior if this can be added to the comments of this ban please do. The D/Ced after bwoink is due to the fact I was being yelled at to hurry up, sorry I was unable to alert you due to a RL situation and failing to send you information that I would have to get off. All in all I understand if my ban appeal is not approved.

Fill the format properly.