Fucus Banned By Admin Vexylius

CKEY: Fucus

Admin’s CKEY: Vexylius

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: It doesn’t specify in the note attached to the ban so i assume its only on one server,the MRP one

Ban Type: Game ban

Ban Length: 31 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 01/06/2020

Round ID: 11152

Ban Reason: “Self Antaging”

Appeal Reason: I do consider that the acctions did by me weren’t self antaging but rather commited in the spirit of the RP,lets me explain my view of point.
Everything happened in the escape shuttle,the doors of the command room were bolted,the captain was inside and the HoP wanted to enter in,i began to bash the doors with my fire axe to help the HoP get in,HoP pushed me down and took my axe before the captain unbolted the doors for HoP to enter and bolted them before him,i asked for the axe back and they both refused and i belive they also mocked me a bit,i don’t remember,i told them more seriously to give me the axe back,the captain threatened me to blast me away so i planted a C4 on the door to fight him for my axe,my initial intentions weren’t to kill him but rather to immobilize him but when he began to chaoticaly shoot his laser around and even harm other people,i pulled a pistol and shoot him down but HoP killed me soon after.

Additional Information: I also had a bit of spite on captain,can’t lie as earlier in round i asked him if he can send a message to CentCom and just ignored me and when i stepped in his office he began to shout to get out,the message was also one in the spirit of roleplay and not just a LRP one who a bit latter was accepted by HoP.

All the guns,c4 and even axe i had on me were aquired from exploring the space and the gateway.

I also might mention that i see the ban justified for the moment since i couldn’t answer at any tickets of the admins as i disconnected due to real life stuffs but i hope that the ban would be released or the length be shortened in the worst case.

31 days ban for trying to get your axe back and when it escalates reacting properly

I am sorry because I haven’t put everything you were banned for in the ban reason, because it happened after the end of the round.

//The round ID was actually 11153, on MRP//

The doors to the command area were bolted for a reason. On the shuttle everyone has their place and breaking doors to the command area would make it less secure, because some antagonist might jump in there and blow all the heads up. HoP wanted to get there because he wanted to be safer from bad guys. If someone bolted that door closed, then they may as well unbolt it when they’ll see someone that should be inside, outside. By breaking those doors you make that secure command area available for anyone, including those who possibly have malicious intents, so you shouldn’t have axed those doors.

Then there’s that C4 thing.
What the hell were you thinking? Planting an explosive on the shuttle? You’re lucky that the C4 can’t break the hull plating to space, but you’re literally bombing the shuttle just to get to the command area, to ATTACK one of the heads of staff, to get your axe back. Not only you’ve injured some crew members, but also you’ve caused chaos on the shuttle. And you’ve planted that explosives on the shuttle just to get that axe back, but there are two things:

  1. You were an assistant. Assistants don’t really have access to any axe because there are only two; in atmos, where the atmos techs have it to rescue people in case of fire or other catastrophic emergency, and on the bridge, where it’s for dealing with emergencies too. An assistant couldn’t just have an axe, unless someone gave it to you, and if that were to happen, the command staff have full right to take that axe back from you.
  2. Why would you need an axe on the shuttle, that’s going to central command…

You were playing as an assistant, the lowest ranking job, onboard the state-of-the-art space station. You were evacuating and you’ve somehow got yourself a fireaxe. You tried to break into high-security area onboard the emergency shuttle using that axe, and went mad when that axe was taken from you by your superiors. Then, to take that fireaxe back, you have planted a C4 explosive on the doors to the command area, causing a lot of damage to people and objects on the shuttle.

Now tell me that wasn’t self antaging.

Of course you might be wondering why have you got a month-long ban for that (because I admit, that’s a bit too long, even for that self antaging). The reason for that is that you have disconnected just when you have died, and before I could bwoink you about that. Disconnecting after such acts automatically makes you guilty, and the punishment is so severe to get you to make that ban appeal on forums where the whole situation can be resolved.

I am willing to shorten that ban to even something like a day, but as I am only trialmin, the decision fall to the administrator that authorised that ban which is AzlanonPc.

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//Now i notice i wrote the round ID wrong,thanks//

In my defence,when the captain isn’t cooperative with its crew (the first phrase from “Additional information”) and also bolts himself away from the crew in the shuttle makes you distrust it a bit and also makes you want to carry a weapon along,such as an axe,for HoP he was cool,he was just doing his job.

And for the C4 thing,i belive it says that its used for precise breaches and from my experience i know that indeed,it doesn’t break the hull,also,for… i belive was an engineer in a hardsuit,i didn’t wanted to injury him too and i thought he would go away the moment i planted the C4 but i admit,i should have been more careful or at least i could have dragged him out of the way.

I shortened that ban to one week.
This is MRP ban so you should be able to play on LRP (where things that you have done are acceptable).

Closed at admins request.