Fuck it, spacekarp breeding/taming/riding

ok the idea is that if you butcher a spacecarp you can get an item called spacecarp phermones, using it will give you a buff that will make spacekarp friendly

next is that you get some meat and feed 2 karps, next thing you know it ya got karp eggs, ya can use em in a dish or something or you can keep em for like 5 minutes or something and a baby karp appears, if eggs where in your pockets, it will automatically consider you its parent, if not it will consider the first thing it sees as its parent

now what? ya give it some time, feed it some food and stuff and soon your baby karp will become a full grown karp, cool right? own personal karp, now you are able to make a karp saddle using some leather or something, plop that ontop of your karp then bam, cool spaceworthy mount, maybe make it controllable with some sort of meat-on-a-stick kind of thing.

some other ideas I got for it

  • Make karps that are bound to players be harmless, so that you don’t get bwoinked for making a murderous mob
  • make them a unique colour maybe? espiecally if they were born in an environment with pressure and gravity, like make them a unique shade of blue or something, maybe even a unique examine message
  • possibly a xenobio only magikarp/chaos magikarp eggs?
    • and a unique xenobio only saddle wich allows you to control them without a meat-on-a-stick thing or a saddle wich allows you to ride the magikarps?
  • some food items could include
    • space caviar, uses space carp eggs
    • magic meatslice, uses a piece of meat, some bluespace crystals and a wizard hat, if a karp eats this there’s a (small) chance to become a magikarp and a (smaller) chance to become a chaos magikarp
    • admin spawn only foods wich turn karp into sharks and dragons?
  • being under the effect of phermones should either make it so karp players have you look like a spacekarp or have some kind of hud icon
  • spacekarp hats?

Chap already has a null rod that gives him the carp faction, so we can port some code for that to deal with pheremones. Leather for the saddle sounds reasonable, say about five or six. CARP HATS CARP HATS. Code and merge immediately.

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Have them look like carps with hairy arms and legs to carp players, it’ll look funny.

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