Frostwing Feedback Thread

Frostwings have now been testmerged a few times, so anyone who was in these rounds, as a frostwing or not, I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions on frostwings. Very open ended.

If you’re new to the idea, go check out the PR!

They’re super cool ice birds, sort of like smarter, stationside ashwalkers who loot the station to clone more frostwings and build their base. Way more detail on the PR.

For the most part i’ve seen em just rush head’s hardsuits, most seem to interpret as “greytide bird” and go off and do their own thing. The few times they RP (language barrier aside) it’s been very interesting.


Head suits are armored and have inbuilt welding protection. Massive upgrade over a space/fire suit.

That was the Gamerchad frostwing who ran off roundstart (wrill cough cough) who does not team up with us to do caw gaming

I feel like this problem will be fixed when I implement leader frostwings (still waiting on sprites for that)

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I was the first frostwing from the second ‘batch’.
I like frostwing gameplay, it’s fun.

I do have a dumb idea, frostwings should be able to hear each other CAW from a long distance, so that they could locate each other by CAWing over long distances repeatedly. Have you heard how loud real bird-sized birds are? Humanoid birds would be so loud.


I love the little CAWs you can do as them. Can’t wait to actually be one to caw around the world!

If you’re intending it to work like a hardsuit locator beacon that sounds amazing

I am absolutely doing this, thank you so much for this idea. It’s great for locating lost frostwings or the base, while also not being too intrusive or technologically dependent.


theese wings are NIGHTMARE TO SPRITE

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