Freemankiller banned by Bastian0930

CKEY: Freemankiller

Admin’s CKEY: Bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server Ban

Ban Length: Permament

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 10/27/2019

Round ID: 8456

Ban Reason: Killed someone, ignored bwoink.

Appeal Reason:
The entire story is below.
In short, I killed a gang member as sec with a fellow warden, then got killed in a fight in the sec spawn, then let the game run in the background while I was getting something so I was away for mutiple mins. Turns out during that time I got bwoinked. When I was back I didn’t see it in my dead chat and became pai. Then got deleted and then I got banned pretty quickly.

So yeah, I’d like to appeal because I was “unable” to respond on the bwoink as I had never seen it. And that murder thing got never resolved trough that either.

Additional Information:
Alright, this is my story.

I was sec during a gang round. I did my job pretty good I’d assume, arresting wanted guys and handing to the warden, rescuing other secs. It was pretty chaotic.
Later I got slipped by a guy I had already arrested earlier for not wearing an ID, resisting search and arrest. He grabbed my energy gun and ran away. I tried to run after him, he shot me. I almost died but another sec rescued me and arrested him. He dragged him to the sec cells. I do have to confess that in the situation I was pretty confused and cause armory unlocked and stuff, so I tried punch him along the way.
Later when warden put him into cell I asked over comms for permission to execute him, no response. HoS was dead most likely. I asked the other warden about him and he said “Yeah go for it” or something. I beat him to death with the warden and dragged him up north, but tought the warden would do a better job spacing him anyway, so I went to sec spawn place and found some guy breaking in, long story short I died and ghosted while I was bleeding out cause I had to go to grab something.
I’m away for some minutes and then return. My chat is full of normal ghost stuff messages and I see someone requesting a pai. I became one, but he deleted me, then my game “crashed”. I reconnected and then saw the ban message, and now I am here.

So yeah, that’s why I think my ban was “unfair”, I don’t have any complaints about the admin himself besides the uh…afk thing I guess, but I guess he couldn’t know.

Edit: I’d also like to note my enemy was a bit salty, so it could be that he had given a false confession. I should also probably mention that during the time I have played on Beestation I have remained very cooperative with the admins, and haven’t gotten into any trouble involving me before. If I had known of the admin messaging me, I would have started “weeping” instantly.

That’s completely understandable. Thank you for explaining. Hos WAS dead, so that does check out.

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