Free Golems' influence on a round

I’d like to discuss the roleplaying limitations on Free Golems and the silicon they create in how they influence a round on the station. I decided to make this topic after a shift where a Malfunctioning AI went doomsday and a Free Golem borg (Asimov but replace human with Free Golem) killed it with 20 seconds left on the countdown. The round in question was 30945 [Golden] but this is for case study purposes, I’m not looking to point fingers at anyone specific. One of the crew members that died to a plasma fire reincarnated as a free golem posibrain and then ran to the AI sat to kill it. The sillicon team targeted robotics first when they went delta just to make sure the crew couldn’t make an unsynched borg to kill the AI, so this blindsided them. So these are my questions:

  • Are the free golems allowed to intervene in a round?
  • Can the free golems and their creations stop a malfunctioning AI and other antagonists?
  • Are Free golems even allowed on the station?
  • Should free golems be allowed to make silicons? Just the creation of an AI on the golem ship would be a big intervention on the round.
  • If any free golem borgs are listening to binary chat on subverted/malf AI can they snitch to the station?
  • Can the golems mount a pirate robbery on the station? Steal ore, raid armory, try not to kill anyone. Nicer pirates if you will.
  • Can they visit the station to trade some of the unique tech they have?

And in return, can you attack any free golem on sight, or is it based on escalation? If the golems are allowed to intervene in a round, can a malf AI preemptively destroy the free golem ship, and without going delta?

And lastly, can it be made clearer on the free golem rules when they’re born on what they can and can’t do?

They shouldn’t try to actively influence the round in a major way, so they can interact with the station, but in the sense you probably mean it, not intervene

They don’t have much IC reason to, their lavaland base is in no danger from some space staton far away blowing up, so no

Yes, but they shouldn’t take the free golem role just to rush to the station and completely abandon their own base

An AI on lavaland can’t actually interact with anything on the station, so if the golems want to make an AI to just help out at their own base, I see no problem with that

I guess, but it’s a bit of a shitty thing to do seeing as again, you have no IC reason to be trying to help some space station far away


Sure, sounds like good RP too, until the HoS realizes free golems are valid and starts blasting

It should probably be important to clarify if subversion of the station AI as free golem is ban worthy (IMO it really should be)… because its been happening a lot as of late…

I was unfortunately borg during one such event. Even ahelped asking if it was legit and was given the go ahead to round end people… over something stupid and insignificant aswell… Felt like a classic case of escalation bait on the golem side.

Assuming that this person respawned and then went back to the station to kill the AI without being informed of what was happening or ordered to intervene then they were meta-gaming by abusing a ghost role respawn (and need to eat a ban) since posi-brains do not retain memories.

Important thing to note about golems is that they also are not antagonists - so stuff like raiding the station and stealing stuff wouldn’t be very cool.

While not policy, no they should not. people treat them as a respawn is licence to grief when they are intended as a fun side construction role while you wait for new round.

No. why would you care about some smelly humans on big station when “the liberator” literly set you free to not care

Not official policy. But IMO they should not since they have little IC reasoning to do it

Borgs should be fine, they have no cams so AI is pointless

I think borgs made by golems would assume context of golems. And thus not care that much about the station(laws may extend to golem crew since they werent made on the station)

If they could RP this a little, may be intersting. But this will propably result in slipery slope of grief

Yes, one of extremely few IC valid reason they would want to go to the station. And would love to see this happen if they actuely are willing to do it properly.

They follow lavaland escelation rules, aka they can attack people if they wish. And may kill anyone that attacks them first.

Delta does not extend to lavaland, as I said golems should not care in the first place. so AI should not either

Hopefully soon

I hope that answer all your questions. These are mainly MY opinion and not that of the admin team as a whole. This privilege is left to headmins.

Thanks for the replies. It seems the golems indeed stepped over a red line in my example. I hope the policy will be fleshed out and made clearer in the future for free golem players. I feel more comfortable now saying OOC that free golems should not interfere, or ahelping an admin if one is on.

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