Francinum Admin Report again

In-game misconduct:

Title: Francinum Admin/Mentor Report

CKEY: shadowh4nd

Your Discord: shadowh4nd#1630

Offender’s CKEY: Francinum

LRP or MRP server: mrp

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): n/a deadmin

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05/20/21

Round Number: 29838

Rules Broken (if relevant): 

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): don't adminbus, no bias towards players

Incident Description:

Extended round on meta. No engineering Staff. I set up power, then decided to create an atmos farm for cargo. I spent considerable time making this - lavaland was decked out, t4 freezers, multiple layer inputs, quantum pads back and forth. Aux construction was loaded and ready to go, which is necessary to place scrubbers. This was about an hour into the shift and there are no (visible) admins on.

Almost immediately before launching it, a “random” explosion hits aux base, ai announces over radio. The console is obliterated, and this console cannot be repaired or rebuilt. I would need to break into CE room (non antag) just to send scrubbers down with a custom room.

I pray for the console to be repaired so that all this work was not destroyed. I get a rude prayer reply,

“A mess of scrubbers is not a lot of work.”

I respond, “but everything on lavaland will be useless.”

“Don’t make an atmos farm for shekels then.”

My thoughts - if you don’t want players doing this feature which is literally in the game, vanilla atmos farm, either warn them not to waste their time or delete the feature outright.

Additional Information:

Franc has me github banned Franc and I have argued multiple times so I’m pretty sure this was done out of malice, and his intent to stay deadmin without messaging me beforehand (also staying anonymous), I feel, is proof of bias

edit: I pointed out in a prior conversation that this was not done using atmos exploits. iirc this would be an infinite scrubber glitch which is now patched

I don’t think fran can actually repo ban, that part of the OP may be inaccurate.

What made you think he did? Perhaps that’d elucidate that a bit

not a repo ban, a personal ban, as I can no longer discuss or react to anything

If you link or provide your github username we can check this.

it’s been quite some time but this was on previous prs, where I noticed I could no longer react or discuss if it had franc in it. offered only as background to the bias claim.

edit: looking back on this I think the thread was locked, and I can’t find the other instance of it other threads (haven’t looked in a while o.o). This was my mistake, I’ll retract this

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What was the issue? Were you missing the board for the destroyed console? Why it cannot be repaired, I am confused.

some things are admin only, like you can’t make buttons or blast doors. the auxbase console is presumably one of these


Auxbase console, or Auxbase computer board?

For example
You cant make RTG boards, but you can raid one of the derelict NT space stations for them and use the board as much as you want on SS13.

In my own experience, consoles just get smashed up during meteors or bombs. They are kinda hardy.

This is the wall mounted computer in the center of the aux construction. It does not have a board. Without it you cannot use the designator.

Further, I imagine any way to circumvent this would either require more time than the round provided and/or be stopped again by intervention

You are assuming gas mining is wrong on its own.
Planets being mined for their resources as an actual concept, even down here on Earth.
Furthermore, if you’re going to punish gas miners, make sure you’re on 24/7 so you can punish them all, not stealthmin and go “hehehaha button time ;)” on that guy who just happened to be unlucky you were on. Furthermore, if they truly are an exploit, you’d fix it - you’re a coder, Fran. Either fix it via code, or don’t punish players unreasonably.


This seems a lot like directional windows situation
You can’t just wake up one day and decide something is an exploit then carelessly adminbus people for using it :pensive:


Fran literally did fix gas miners but maintainers refused to merge it.

Gas miners tank server performance. The atmos system typically runs at a delay anywhere between 5 and 50ms (100 if lots of intense stuff is happening). When there’s a gas miner in play it adds about 200ms delay to it.

In short, a properly made lavaland gas farm tanks the server more than double the amount of a catastrophic meteor shower.


I wasn’t assuming this was wrong at all, this is a pretty run of the mill setup, cargo prints RPDs and RCDs for a reason

Please don’t tell me this validates it. It was ~35 pop on and extended round. If this is so troublesome that it justifies a stealth adminbus, I think it would be a bit more professional to either warn me not to create one (instead of waiting for me to finish) or outright removing lavaland gas functionality before I waste an hour on it

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I did it. I don’t believe I did anything wrong in doing so.

I tried to delete it outright, it was declined.
Cargo can no longer sell BZ via cargo. by francinum · Pull Request #3514 · BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet · GitHub

If you would like me to try again, I can.

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Oh I didn’t even read the entire post and missed this gem because I was on mobile.

I am incapable of issuing github bans, and I was not even paying attention to who was responsible for the scrubber array when I bombed it.

I don’t care who’s doing it.

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Fixing things via code sounds nice, but given how different systems interact, it can be hard or impossible.

For example, the TEG can be easily exploited to generate free electricity by using a freezer and heater connected to it. For gameplay reasons, it costs very little energy to heat or cool gas, but that same gas will generate a large amount of electricity in the TEG. Connecting a heater and cooler to a TEG will result in a large energy surplus.

Since this cannot be resolved via code easily, it is considered an exploit. Players that perform this exploit will find that their setups mysteriously explode, and if they keep doing building them, that they will receive OOC warnings or even punishment.

In this case, the player was making a gas filtering setup on Lavaland, which causes server issues due to lag, and is also exploitive of the economy because for a trivial effort to setup it generates infinite credits endlessly.

Working entirely alone and doing my mandatory shift duties, this (decent looking and optimized) set up took nearly an hour

Since when was atmos farming considered an exploit

Local admin shamelessly admits to intervening

lol why threaten me like I care what you do to your codebase. As if my (or anyone’s) opinion was factored in


I meant a personal block, not a repo ban:

You can’t report anyone for personal blocks.

If you think you are being targeted specifically I got great news for you: you are not targeted by Fran.