Ferris Rider Player Report

   CKEY: TeomanTheGreat

   Your Discord: TeomanTheGreat

   Offender’s CKEY: (I dont know their ckey)

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Ferris RIder

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11/7/2020

   Round Number: 23568

   Rules Broken: Powergaming

   Incident Description: As assistant had a flash insuls cuffs and sunglasses. Also kidnapped Burnard silkwind. Sec did nothing for some reason about it.

   Additional Information: They play catgirl :vomit:

@GameAdmin look at this

If Burnard Silkwind did not mind, then I’m not sure if this is actionable by the admins.

Without doing a deep dive, it would be difficult to prove powergaming. In addition, every assistant on MRP (and some lawyers) are running around with insuls and a toolbelt.

They also had a flash which constitutes as powergaming. I once got noted for taking a flash from tool storage as engi. Whereas this dude gets off free as a bird as an ASSISTANT someone who doesn’t have access to a flash shiftstart.

I was given a flash by security, that’s why they didn’t arrest me. I bought sunglasses with my own money from the vendor.

I cuffed Burnard for making a disposal trap, taking them to holodeck for forced medical treatment because they had a few wounds.

If you were the janitor that was shoving me during this, sorry. I can understand why you can be upset at an assistant with a flash.

However, you did follow me even after seeing security leave me alone and I believe they told you(?)

When I wasn’t paying attention the Detective joined in at pacifying Burnard 4norasin, which when I saw I was more than upset at. But that’s not the story.

You saw me with security, they knew I had a flash, you took it to heart to stop the tider-man-bad and got flashed a few times when I wanted you to stop. Yet, you kept coming.

Hoping hearing this you understand my side of the story. To you, I was a tider with a flash. To me, you were an annoying janitor that kept shoving me 4norasin.

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i mean to be fair. you did flash him cuff him take him to forced surgery and then after that Burnard had brain damage which he didn’t have before. besides this report is mostly about the fact you had a flash in the first place and you know powergaming.

I know I brought it up but the brain damage thing is up for Burnard to report. I highly suggest he does do a player report on that Det if he still has the name, round ID is in this thread.

So, leave it out of this, it isn’t important (kinda)

The flash came from Brig, they knew, they didn’t care. It was a sure-whatever moment. I already stopped someone from stealing HoP’s locker and brought them to Brig – I know, Velvet being a vigilante, a real shocker.

So, I guess they trusted me with the flash. Just gonna let admin-man-good look at this thread and ask a few questions, gonna wait for judgement. I’ve said everything /shrug

i only know that i never take flashes when im non antag unless its during a fight where someone tried to flash me and then i throw it because i dont want nobody tellin me i was powergaming with a flash, and about cuffs if you dont got a reason to have them in the inmidiate moment you shouldn’t have them, sunglasses are okay unless they are stolen from lawyer or somewhere else, as long as they are give or found in maint its ok, insuls i wouldn’t consider as powergaming, you can literally find them anywhere and they apport nothing to a fight unless you are walking twoards an electrified door you dont know of midfight

Aight, here are my 5 cents. First of all, the report is kinda whack. Literally any competent assistant has insuls, tools, flash and sunglasses 10 minutes into the shift. Thats maint loot. Powergaming should constitute getting stuff used in fights, that you dont have access to, or going out of your way to get it ( breaking into armoury, getting sec locker gear form outposts, breaking into chem to make granades).

Ew, sec giving a rando assistant a flash. Still, not powergaming. If Velvet got the flash from sec, didnt break in or steal it, then its fine and dandy.

I see a lot of Burnard and Velvet going around as assistants, doing random shit or just memeing around. Honestly if Bacon was against it, he would take action long time ago.

I have recently seen a surge of shitty bans and reports against Velvet. I get that she/he/it ( i dont fucking know, i doubt any girls play ss13 xd) is not loved in the community at large, but still. When you wanna get her banned get a report that would actualy stick. This report is really petty and note worthy at most ( i doubt its even that big).


I don’t really care what happens to me to be honest, everything except just being randomly murdered without any like reason to it or build up, it’s the funny of the game.
But yea here is what happened from my perspective:

  • Clown building a funny machine that made a disposal system going into conveyor belts, but they couldn’t get it to work
  • Help out the clown to complete his machine
  • A security comes by dragging another security and then pushes them in so I push the security that pushed the other security in (it didn’t even work at this point :frowning: and just pushed them forward a bit )
  • Me and clown were very sad
  • Pretty sure I pushed Ferris in
  • Ferris does the funny shove and cuff thing they always do and then drags me to holodeck to force tend my wounds (not really sure why cuffing and headset removing was needing for tend wounds surgery). Also they flash a few people on the way that were trying to save me. (I was in great fear because I dropped my biohazard suit which I was using to protect myself from them)
  • Detective pacifies me for no reason and messes up my brain a little by making me hypnotised to the phrase ‘nice flash’
  • Ferris does the heal surgery but fails and made me mute on accident

yea that was pretty much it, not really sure why they had a flash but it was pretty funny overall. Then I followed a moth into space and found a car and just drove around for the rest of the round

this was never closed bruh. Also whenever I see Ferris they always have sunglasses on and a toolbelt full of tools. ( I know this isn’t power gaming but I just wanted to let it be known. )

I mean today they tided into sec twice and got cuffs a flash and flashproof glasses on two occasions all in the same round and that was just the round I played warden

I’ve gotten to it now, and I’d like to know what compels you to go out of your way to report this specific player over the most minute things. This is starting to look like a personal grudge more than anything.

It’s powergaming to rush items for no IC reason. It’s not powergaming just to own them period. I do really want to urge @Velvet to actually play as sec given their tendencies though. You shouldn’t be trying to arrest folks as non-sec in general, but given that the other player involved has no issues with what occurred I’m closing this.

Report denied.