Feedback regarding Silent But Friendly (Mime)

I’ve been playing as this character for about a year now, trying to do my best as a mime. I just wanted to hear if you guys have had any positive/negative experiences with me and if there are any pointers for me to improve?


I love Silent But Friendly

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gonna bump this soz hehe xx

Actually one of the mimes that doesn’t try just be a silent clown, very much enjoy


Brought a nuke to med bay, that’s all I’ve seen so far.



gonna bump this because i’ve been more active recently, I do ask that you are as honest as can be and give me advice on how i can change my character for the better :slight_smile:

is actually…not that friendly

JK, 9/10, good mime, but, have had some bad experiances with them joinning people to constantly dunk on sec, thankfully, not a habit!

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I do admit I will get dragged into dunking on sec for shits and gigs but i try to not make a habit of it! i must follow my clown masters…

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Okay, where do we start. Most mimes aren’t that great in my opinion, for a couple of reasons. There seems to only be a good few mime random names, so three mimes at any given point are sharing the same name and never being remembered later. This mime player made a unique and lovely name of their own that stands out.

Then, there’s the fact that lots of mimes are there to entertain themselves and no one else. This mime player lives up to the name silent but friendly, in that a lot of the time they’re doing things that help others, entertain others, or in general are for others. Very friendly mime, very lovely to interact with.

A point I’ve brought up to them specifically is that I’m really glad they don’t get offended when their gimmicks drop off because I have tons of work in medbay. I always feel like I can pick up where I left off later in the round, and that’s really refreshing.

All in all, my only problem is that sometimes they can get pretty focused on being mad at sec. It’s not a constant, and it’s ic, but I feel like sometimes it might affect security slightly too much? I’m not sure, but I’d just want to be careful it doesn’t turn into the territory of another mime that hates on security and bothers them. Not to be confused with that happening, just a cautious thought.

Very lovely mime. Very friendly, very silent. Has helped anxiety on many a day.

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Gave me the biggest smile that i really needed thank you

Ran up to me and showed me a briefcase full of tiny mice.


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My favorite mime

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