Feedback on my characters?

You can answer IC or OOC idk but make a distinction between the two!

Characters: Glaces Rosa (Geneticist/botanist), Aurus Salix (barkeep/cargo tech, no the round I was pseudo-captain does not count that is not canon), Charly Hoshizora (botanist, rip you’re still missing) , Rob Hoshizora (Scientist, roboticist, curator), J3TS3T the pAI, WATCHR (I should use void more often, voi fell to the wayside), Xelqua (Also a pAI, formerly curator), and SN0WDR0P the cyborg


More like Bombdrop
Or Snowbomb Bwahaha

this still haunts me how I was so unlucky

same geneticist that I befriended with J3TS3T
and I accidentally blew up twice with his duck bombs

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