Family Heirloom trait

I think I suggest way too many things on this forum, but here goes nothing.

I think we should have a little bit more say in what our heirloom is when we pick the family heirloom trait. Namely, an option to pick what the item is, So things slime plushie, a necklace, a fancy hat, A grenade, (Stop asking for explosives, destroyer o worlds) ETC, and maybe the item’s name.

That’s all.

No, the items are already generated via role.

They can also be based off race light moffs get lamps sometimes

You might want to be careful of powergamers, as some heirlooms actually have a use. E.G: Lighter.

viro heirloom sucks ass but not as much as, say, a chemist or miner’s heirloom. this’d be nice

Miner heirloom can be shovel, pickaxe or banhammer, right? 2/3 to get fucked, 1/3 to be based.

What was a chem’s heirloom again?

miner is shovel or pick. chem is a chem textbook. both are normal size which is unbased

banhammer is from luxury shelter


Normal sized family heirlooms are pretty aids, especially when it’s completely useless such as a book. Security also has a chance to get that crap, the space law book.

Botnis and Science have best heirlooms.

It really depends on the size of the object, it’s better if it’s small as you probably will never use it.

When two scientists have a slime plushie, they make a babbie.

Nothing is better than this in the game.

I wouldn’t buff Family Heirloom more. As it is, it’s basically a free point that can also double as an actual useful item sometimes (For example, allowing bartender to have two shakers).

I just want to point out that this already happens with the smoker trait. Nicotine addiction has barely any downsides, and actually reduces stuns slightly. Not to mention it comes with a lighter (my chemist main friend takes this trait for just that reason).

Generally, we already have plenty of free point traits, I just think having some say in what the heirloom is would be nice. The items that I think would be fine as heirlooms would be either useless (necklaces, plushies and useless rusty knives) or useful but brain dead easy to acquire (lighters are cheap as hell, you just need two legs and knowledge of where the vending machine is).

If I had a choice to choose, it’d be plushies all the way.
Clicking a plushie with another plushie of the same type makes them have a baby.

you forget that the assistant heirloom is a normal-sized toolbox with the same carrying capacity, essentially acting as a free toolbelt that you can’t wear

The fact that normal sized heirlooms exist make me believe this should be a thing even more.

Again though, I’m not a coder, so I have no idea how hard this is to implement. It’s not a huge deal, just something that would be nice.


Ok, if we choose heirlooms, that may have to be removed, because that’s ridiculous.

It’s not as good as you think. I’d prefer if it was a small and useless so that I could at least put it in my box and have space for other shit in my backpack.

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if we make it so that all of the normal-sized items have a use and make the mood debuff a bit worse it might be worth changing Heirloom to a neutral trait

In hindsight, you may be right, since you can only store small items in a toolbox.

It’s actually the same as your internals box. Thing is, all tools are small sized or smaller- meaning they fit in an internals box. Toolboxes are actually useless except as a weapon