CKEY: [for] ezbakeannefranke

Admin’s CKEY: st0rmc4st3r

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP

Ban Type: Job Ban (command ban)

Ban Length: 10 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 03-19-2020

Round ID: 13633

Ban Reason: Executed the only high officer in sec (warden) for accidentally killing a plasmaman CMO suspected of peing a ling.

Appeal Reason:
Space Law Definition of Manslaughter:
To unintentionally kill someone through negligent, but not malicious, actions.

If a warden is unaware that removing a plasmamans helmet will NOT result in death, then he should be restricted to medical until he learns how the basic characters function and operate. The only other option is that the warden removed the plasmamans helmet with full knowledge and malicious intent of the consequences of such an action making his action Murder, NOT manslaughter. Therefore the warden was guilty of committing a capital crime making an execution, authorized by the captain, a fitting choice for the crime.

Ziagfu’s testimony:

1: During my late join lawyer time in the brig I had witnessed the warden utilizing the krav-maga gloves in a more hostile manner than required to subdue, avoiding using handcuffs to detain prisoners.

2: Was not clear in his requests of visitors: Joey skinhead had a sec headset and the warden asked without being specific to ‘hand it over’ repeatedly, to which Joey asked him to be specific while asking to be deputized. This lead him to starting a violent assault on the assistant to take the headset and handcuffs, despite being told how to handle security.

3: The action in question specifically, the CMO’s demise, was brought on when the warden incarserated the CMO on suspision of being a ling, and refusing to perform a ling check until I had been excessively forward and gathering the resources personally. The CMO CONSENTED to the ling check and even made it clear how precisely to go about it, beneath a shower to prevent plasma-man combustion. The Warden completely refused there-after to allow the ling check to be performed and instead EXECUTED the CMO without any viable proof by removing their plasma hardsuit. To which myself and a medical borg tried to prevent the death of. The borg was startled by the damages thinking he was a ling briefly before taking note of the final death gasp of the CMO.

4: The warden himself had proven time and time again of his incompetence and his capital crime of murdering a head of staff, the execution was, by space law defined by Sage station, justified. We HAD a Head of Security, though they had briefly went SSD a couple of times across the round. His name started with E, and he was legitimate.

Additional Information: I do not believe you were given the full story when it was ahelped, st0rm. Hopefully this helps clear up things between you and the one you banned, who in my eyes, was in the right.

No response so assuming admins didnt see.


You can @ people to get there attention

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Saw it just now. You have posted it at 5 in the morning.
I’d like to point out that the CMO was wearing his lab coat, which could confuse the warden to the point where he was convinced that the CMO was burning for no reason despite the test being over. I was ghosting at that moment and could not immediately understand why that plasmaman was burning.

Just out of curiosity, can you tell me how was the ling check performed?

I was referring to the last post I made. Obviously not the one made at 5 AM. If the warden is supposed to be a high ranking officer, a labcoat is a weak excuse for leaving someone to die when a simple inspection would have revealed that the CMO was a plasmaman.

Coming up with a simple excuse doesnt make the warden nonvalid if the position requires a more experienced person then it is still murder.

I am not saying that he couldn’t understand that it was a plasmaman, I am saying that despite the knowledge that the CMO was a plasmaman, the coat made it unobvious that he had no envirosuit on. And when he understood it, it was too late.

And I am still very curious what was the procedure behind the ling test.

If you are asking what the wardens ling test was, it is to kill the suspected ling. Which makes him valid.

This is dumb. Appeal accepted.