Exploration stuff

ive been in spess explorin the many ruins it has to offer but sometimes i just get the same ones or there is just 2 that are good and then i think bruh why gateway down so can we pls get the gateway back spess is cool and all but i want a dungeon crawling adventure with more then 3 pages of diaries

Plus most space ruins are easy to beat while the gateway has high risk high reward ( spews explorin like mining but better)
Idk if mrp people like fun so not sure about their gateway but it would be way better on lrp since everything useful is done and you just wait for a antag to slip up ( if u pray or send CentCom a message about gateway 99% doesn’t appear and u sad)


No, I objectively speak for everyone and we all hate fun, go away.




We used to have gateways, it resulted in cheese rushing magical dice to become the funny magic man and complelty destroy the round. Until we have good gateway missions I dont see them getting used ofton. Even snowdin my beloved is unfortantly broken

Easy solution: Separate possible maps into adminspawn and randomspawn maps. Put the random spawn maps into gateway rotation.

Also wasn’t the main reason why gates are adminspawn (at least on bee) that the server get the hiccups when gateway maps are loading in?

Ye maybe a curator with his 20hit kill claymore gonna fuckin get the gamer loot loot at the end of the trap and enemy infested dungeon crawler is a problem just imagine him killing all the wizards/skeletons/faithless/syndicate with his op 20 hit kill claymore or god forbid he gets a gun which ammo will not run out in 5 seconds

This and also that loading an extra Z level can push the server’s “Make or break” point to a much earlier time than normal.

Who knows when it will be done (maybe never) but the concept of it is great

okay so:
gateway lags the server loading additional map and reduces memory available to it.
On top of that we literally have no good gateway maps. The most recent one (the factory) is literally the worst and I see no attempts on updating any of them. Every single one is broken due to atmos changes.

ah yes gateway… wizard den? go to space avoid carp and just bluespace inside the wizard room for dice… or other means.

There hasn’t been a new gateway map since like 2014-2015

There isn’t a point either. Cae’s gateway rework is dead iirc but bacon’s shuttle stuff has a lot more potential.

I don’t quite know what his desired ends are, but I could see it resulting in something like baystation’s explorer job. I very much like the idea of explorers and miners (separate ofc) working with other people on ships instead of being a fucking single-player game.

all of the gateways are great exept for beach and factory is chad wizard den is cheesable but it da experience that counts plus u gonna get valid hunted for it

also atmos only affects a couple of the gateways like wizard and spess battle one a bit