Exploration shuttle and ruins submition thread for a little project

hello workers friends… some of you may or may not now that i am currently working on a little beestation project of mine… its getting along nicely but its also been dragging along not so nicely… and with uni starting for me my pace is really dying…

so a while ago i witnessed and particapated in a shuttle construction thread for the shuttlemarket PR so i tought why not make one of my own… only diffrence is i need only 1 shuttle but many ruins templates that are gonna get lobbed.

turns out there’s quite a few people around these forums who are pretty good at this map making thing… that shuttle contest even got me to start this very project im currently getting this thread to work on… threadseption? anyway

The shuttle - must be a properly equipped exploration shuttle
with dimentions of no more than 13-X and 24-Y
the shuttle MAY have syndicate themes
do add equipment
other than that go ham.

the ruins - may be of any size you wish. within reason ()
you may make the ruin multi-z up to 2 layers (unless exeptionally worthy for a 3rd layer)
the ruin can be anything. from a crashed ship to a base to wharever as long as they are RUINS
ruins may have loot more valuable than maint but keep it within reason. nothing antag worthy
no antag spawns or ghost spawns, critter spawns are fine
you may theme your ruins under the 2 categories of

  • lavaland ruin
  • iceland ruin

the ruin may again be syndicate themed
if you plan to make a ruin with a natural landmark theme.
use /turf/closed/mineral/snowmountain/cavern for your rocktype regardless of the theme you picked.
(consistency is important)
im not to picky about the floors tho

just attach the dmm file alongside a screenshot of your structure
you will be paid handsomly with colut a headpat and a sence of acomplishment
obviosly i can only pick 1 shuttle. but i will most likely pick almost if not all ruins
as long as they are not to much of an outlier sizewise for i believe in variety


oh also just to be clear this is very much a compleate design submition thread
not a sketch idea thread. im very busy with the parent project of this little sidegig
sorry if this sounds condesending. its not

If you dont have a mapping tool but still wanna try…

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What’s the end goal here?

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poplulate a little project of mine with ruins

maybe get an explo shuttle wihle im at it

Both are micelanious additions. it wont be the end of my project if i dont get any submitions… but it would be nice… and hey someone will get their creative mind into something for the server

I gotta find some time to start up StrongDMM again.

Here’s an abandoned castle. Featuring: angery knights, a set of chaplain armour, and mankind’s most fearsome weapon.

Link: Dropbox - ice_castle.dmm - Simplify your life

An ice rink with a reward, if you’re brave enough to try and reach it. Four pairs of Wheely-Heels and a dance grenade are the prize to those willing to slip their way to victory.

Link: Dropbox - ice_rink.dmm - Simplify your life

An abandoned forge. Full of refined materials ready for use. (Yes, that wizard academy spawner is disabled)

Link: Dropbox - the_forge.dmm - Simplify your life

This crashed UFO was used by tribals as a temporary shelter. Basically just the counterpart to the lavaland UFO but in cold.

Link: Dropbox - alien_shrine.dmm - Simplify your life


A year back, I made a lot of space based DMMs. I still got to touch them up, but i’m sure i’ll find something useful for ya.

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well my project is now compleate. and only needs work on a technicall level.
i will still accept submitions till… forever really. i can just keep tacking them on no problem

however for the time being i havent yet been able to repurpose the lavaland ruin scatterer for the project so all ruins will be placed at one spot for the time being



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