Exploration missions shouldn't trigger station announcements

No one really cares about what exact mission explos are taking other than maybe the rest of science. My suggestion is to not make them station wide announcements and instead something that pops up on RDs desk. Would make people pay more attention to announcements too.


Good suggestion
its pretty annyoing

perhaps make it be yote into a newscaster channel without having full intercom anouncements


Wow, must be annoying to see small red text and hear exactly one word, ‘attention’
I pray for you

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if only it was


Imagine if “Attention” actually meant it was an announcement the crew had to pay attention to aswell.

Then make it small.

Doesn’t matter, expiration is getting removed

Why not limit it to specific radio channels?
You know, command or sec - the only people who care about these things

I doubt every assistant on the station needs to know about us killing people, nuking stations and covering up shit.

Did I tell you that the syndicate and the wizard federation are also monitoring our comms ?

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gonna PR this i think

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This is what it told bacon on his pr