EveLed banned by freshmeatlover

CKEY: EveLed
Admin’s CKEY: freshmeatlover
Ban Type: Game ban
Ban Length: Two weeks
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2024/02/19
Round ID: 47754
Ban Reason: Made two very inappropriate Rule 6 semi-related comments. Made people very uncomfortable. Make sure you’re not skirting that line again.
Appeal Reason: While what I said was highly inappropriate and definitely skirted the line, I feel as though a two week ban is a bit overkill. As redundant as it sounds, I legitimately was not trying to make anyone uncomfortable, and was attempting to play off a situation which I was having fun roleplaying with. I understand that I took it too far
Additional Information: To anyone I made uncomfortable in round, I’m very sorry.


After thinking about this for a bit I agree that I was too harsh there.
Especially also because it wasn’t all that unprompted, and the other person involved that pushed you into this situation received a ban as well.

Going to reduce this to 5 days. Thank you for the appeal. :+1:

Appeal accepted