Eric James Player Report

CKEY: Demdisco

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Eric James

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03//06/2021

Round Number: 27644

Rules Broken: self antag

Incident Description: Killed the warden and then attempted to kill the hos for being brigged for assaulting the HoS because ‘im debtor and ur batong scari’

I was dealing with the clown who had a knife, you stayed there and kept threatening me. I took the second baton out to arrange my inventory. You make it seem like I was chasing you and shit.

I don’t know about anything the warden did, just that you opened lethals on me when I was informed the warden was dead.

You did not have permission to kill either of us; just because you stood next to me while I was dealing with a clown with a knife, doesn’t mean you get to kill me.

The majority of our conversation took place while I was dealing with the clown.
You’ve made it painfully obvious that you play as debtor just to try and valid bait people.
The warden’s actions should be looked into anyways; if the warden abuses you, you come to me, not try to kill him. (And the subsequently me because I brigged you for punching me)

TBH I’m willing to drop this report, I have nothing against this guy and I don’t like filing player reports xd

Okay then I’m keeping the report xd

valid baiting is when you bait someone into validing them selves (Mind you, valid isn’t even a thing on MRP, and having my baton out wouldn’t make me valid anyways)
Valid hunting is where you actually kill someone…

The debtor’s gimmick isn’t running around try to kill security;
and you still haven’t even tried to bring any level of justification for opening lethals on me, when all I did was brig you.

As I said, the majority of you going all “ILL KILL U ILL KIL U” was spent while I was dealing with someone else, you chose to stay there and complain.

Anyways, I’ll leave the rest up to the admins.

Guess I’m schizophrenic, talking to myself and shit

he just got banned for evasion


He got banned for evasion.