Enthethan Player Report 2

The rules page is being updated now.

Aye, but the website is updated which shouldn’t be but only 2 people have access to it.

Currently we are on the process of fully rewriting it to keep it on the same page as the Council Rulings

Updated to “Traitors, Blood Brothers, and Changelings must complete half of their objectives before engaging in mass murder/destruction.” (LRP)

So, this means that you have to complete two objectives. So, the question now is whether or not to count escape as a valid completed objective. I don’t think so since it can only be completed after murderboning.

This has already been discussed while deciding on the new precedent. Yes, they do count. If you have 3 objectives, you have to complete at least 2 objectives to go over the 1.5 (half) objective “quota.”

Thanks for clearing it up again rue & xlyana!

No, what I mean is: Out of the two objectives you have to complete before murderboning, does escape alive count as one. I.E. did Enthethan complete two objectives before murderboning or did he break the ruling? So more to the point of my report.

And no, it doesn’t look like what Enthethan did was really OK.

well,according to the rules page i did… this round happened before you updated it.

Your own fault for not reading the rulings tbh.

rules page(which is more accessible) says x
rulings page says y

LoL your own fault for not following the rules xddd,yes i suck penis how did you know?

So what’s the ruling?

Ruling was that escape objective counts. Enthethan was in the wrong as they had only completed one of three objectives. Escape alive cannot be completed before round end, so in the case of three objectives with this as one of them, both other objectives must be completed before murderboning is allowed.

I hope they won’t be punished (this time) since there was clear confusion over the rule before it’s been clarified.

There was no confusion, the council ruling pretty clearly stated half objectives rounded up even before the change. Ignorance is not a reason to ignore the rules, much less willful ignorance

no confusion? the rules page said only 1 objective is needed,it was updated maybe 8 hours after the round ended

The half objectives thing is confusing, there’s never even numbers of objectives. Why not just say that traitors have to complete their first two objectives before they can bone? And if they’ve only got two objectives total it means the rules don’t apply as that means they have a hijack objective.

This report was filed yesterday. Antag conduct has been updated for quite some time.

So does escape shuttle count as an objective during the start of the round or only at the end for murderbone?

You still need to do half of your objectives before murderboning (rounded up), which means that if you have target A, B and C (C being escape shuttle), you still gotta complete A and B to murderbone.

You can’t complete C without the round actually ending and you greentexting.

The actual rules website can only be updated/modified by TWO people (qwert and Crossed), so that’s our bad, though then again the Council Ruling is linked at the end of the rules page.

IIRC you were noted due to this, so next time make sure you do both of your objectives before boning (unless Hijack shuttle/die glorious death objective)