Enthethan ban appeal unga

CKEY: enthethan

Admin’s CKEY: Rod boward

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: permanent

Ban Length:

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2/11/2020

**Round ID:**12414

Ban Reason:

Appeal Reason: 4 Hour round,already played about an hour of it so i called shuttle,a guy snitches that i called it and is smug about it(elias something i think), a little while later i see him and throw a toolbox at him,theres a bit of a fight and he comes back with shanks and starts throwing shanks at me, i shoot him with a deathmix syringe, he dies and i didn’t destroy or hide body so later he gets revived,tries to kill me with particle cannon , dont really remember the fight but i know i was chased by a borg and miner and i missed some shots and shot miner once by accident so i got 3 people chasing after me,i killed the guy that originally tried to kill me witth the particle cannon,i get chased into maint by miner andd borg and get sandwiched and before they could crit me i set off my methnades.

Additional Information: don’t remember my char name cuz i was random naming

Hol up isn’t his landen doe

Landen did nothing wrong

Where the fuck does one get a particle cannon?

[2020-02-11 15:42:08.556] ATTACK: Laggy Lagger/(Elias Peterson) has thrown Shank (Starboard Primary Hallway (149, 128, 2))
[2020-02-11 15:42:08.623] ATTACK: Laggy Lagger/(Elias Peterson) has threw and hit Enthethan/(Stephen Biery) with Shank (NEWHP: 85.4) (Starboard Primary Hallway (150, 128, 2))

You shot him with a lethal mix for this and this alone. Keep in mind this is after you threw a toolbox and an oxygen tank at him. Once with the toolbox and twice for the oxygen tank, missing the second time. You way over escalated a situation that YOU started and valid baited a person. Including injuring a random miner who was just watching what you were doing from outside the maint that you were in. Elias shot at you after he was cloned and you shot another lethal mix at him, killing him.

[2020-02-11 15:57:46.885] ATTACK: Enthethan/(Stephen Biery) has shot Mortgage/(ROB-) with the particle beam (NEWHP: -6.6) (Port Quarter Maintenance (96, 105, 2))

In fairness, I was the borg chasing you. It was in my laws “to ensure that you don’t escape by any means necessary.” I was a jannie borg and you had sec glasses, so my only real option was to help kill or arrest you. You hit me a few times with a katana, but that was an IC issue because of my laws.

[2020-02-11 16:00:02.127] SAY: Laggy Lagger/(Elias Peterson) (DEAD) “are you a traitor?” (Aft Maintenance (163, 100, 2))
[2020-02-11 16:00:14.841] SAY: Enthethan/(Stephen Biery) (DEAD) “my penis is large and people hate me for it might” (Virology (154, 99, 2))
[2020-02-11 16:00:23.990] SAY: Laggy Lagger/(Elias Peterson) (DEAD) “no realy are you a traitor?” (Aft Maintenance (161, 103, 2))
[2020-02-11 16:00:32.125] SAY: Enthethan/(Stephen Biery) (DEAD) “read above” (Aft Maintenance (163, 99, 2))
[2020-02-11 16:00:33.841] ACCESS: Logout: Enthethan/(Stephen Biery)
[2020-02-11 16:00:33.843] GAME: Enthethan[DC]/(Stephen Biery) Enthethan[DC]/(Stephen Biery) is no longer owning mob Stephen Biery(/mob/dead/observer) (Medbay Central (148, 107, 2))

Big thunk.

Science can make them with research and the proper materials.

If any other admin would like to chime in, I’d love to hear it. @PowerfulBacon was the other admin on.

You threw an oxygen tank at them for about 15 damage, they threw a shank at you for slightly less damage, and then you blasted them with datum/reagent/consumable/ethanol/neurotoxin (14.7u), /datum/reagent/toxin/heparin (6.8u), /datum/reagent/toxin/cyanide (6.8u), /datum/reagent/toxin/lexorin (14.7u) and /datum/reagent/toxin/formaldehyde (17u) this mix. Seems like a massive overreaction, as there wasn’t a massive fight as for as I can tell, the only 2 attacks they got on you initially was a shove, and the throwing of his shank after you threw the toolbox at him.

But I mean, the ban should be shortened considering it was for leaving for the appeal, but I do think it is dodgy to play chemistry, make a death chemical mix and have your finger on the trigger ready to kill at the slightest altercation

As for more of the context / where everyone was when the attacks happened (I wish we logged this stuff), I can’t really put much say in cause I was validhunting the HOP for trying to stun me with a contractor baton at the same time.

I’d like to add that before I shot him with the death mix he kept aiming the particle cannon at me, but I doubt the laser chargup is logged, also like I said, I shot the miner by accident, and I even extinguished him because the cannon also sets you on fire

That was AFTER you had already killed him once. You killed him twice, both with deathmixes (you had a few).

the second time i didn’t shoot him without provocation,i ignored him at first but then he shot me,still this shouldn’t be permabannable

I’m not saying it is. It’s a perma ban since you left right after you gibbed the guy that you started this all with. Gonna lower it to a week since you’ve already been banned 6 days.

EDIT: It is done.