Engineering needs a killdozer

And i’ll pay $5 for someone to do it.

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a Ripley is just a space bulldozer

Honeslty, it would be cool if you could make improvised attachments for the ripley. It could make it a much more interesting mech for people without robotics access like cargo techs.

Can we actually get a ripley killdozer?

it’s not even syndicate it’s just cargo gone wrong as always


if engi wants to get dangerous it’s usually emitters and atmos fuckery. a killdozer would be really cool as an alternative

Dozer upgraded Mule D.M.U.L.E
Kill Dozer Upgraded mule K.D.M.U.L.E

Give it a normal dozer and the killdozer has a hardened cockpit ontop with a skull?
Used for what? hmm mining or something i dunno to get sand?

When hacked it can knock over people and has alot more armour aswell
so its basically something you run away from and shoot at.
Put a PAI in it for extra laffs.

use to remodel station easier. dozer could be able to destroy any terrain while reclaiming all materials, so you use it to level parts of the station. and then remake them. could also come with other niches like auto-tiling floors, reinforcing windows, etc.

imagine if there was a game where mule was walking to you on spider legs from the celling I would shit myself


Armored motorized wheelchair


you fucking would kat

with dozer blade and portholes for rifle

cargo should have a forklift

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*Cargo Needs a Kill dozer
and I’d pay you $7 basic attention token if I knew how.

Clarke is a space bulldozer, but we don’t have those here…

Concrete-sheet metal composite armor en-lieu of proper coverings! it’s tough as fuck but slows turning more and once you’re in, you can’t get out without someone bringing short of a torch and a pickaxe! or a massive fuckin bomb, that puts a 3x3 hole in the station!

it really is cargonia independence

There aren’t even any visible ceilings in this game, which is kinda sad…

ooor, get this, autoloading forklift upgrade for the mulebot, just park it at conveyer that takes stuff in from the shuttle and have it load the crate automatically.


I think most of anyone who’s on this site let alone SS13 us know this already


I notice I’m missing the “e” on alone, but not that, this has been your weekly encounter with dyslexia
(unless you have it too, then I guess this probably wasn’t just the weekly encounter)

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