Emboes Jackson Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Alpkant

**Your Discord:**Alperen#0290

How long have you been playing ss13?: For about one and a half year now.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I didn’t ask them for a voucher but I think these people can vouch. @Ambiic , @Amazung , @taylor , and @XeonMations, I do not know their forum nicknames but Soo-Min.

Game Experience (More Detailed): After 2k hours of this game, I think I am ready to answer people’s questions. I am highly skilled in Medical and Sillicons. I think I can answer anything related to these two. Other than that, I am good at engineering (SM,Tesla, etc.) and basic atmos things; however I have never completed a fusion on my own. So gases are my weak points in engineering. Other than that, I am weak at botany. I never “really” learned the weird things about botany. In terms of science, I think I can answer everything in there, too, maybe just a very weird xenobio question can knock me off.

As I have played in many departments and as a command member on many low-pop games, I am confident about all kinds of questions except botany and atmos gasses.

My playtime:

  1. I heard someone play an orangutan before, how do I do that?
  2. Why does my hp keep going down when I dont have neither brute or burn damage when I examine myself?
  3. There’s someone dead next to me, but on the suit sensors they appear alive, why is that?

Theres no one specific answer to the questions, so feel free to ask for information about the situations.
Also goddamn 2k hours in around a year? :droplet:

  1. Could it be the instrument organ? You can play songs with instrument organs. There are no orangutans in the game, however, there are gorillas. Maybe they meant they played with gorillas.
  2. There could be multiple reasons. First, you might have toxins damage that is increasing, and it could be caused by some chemicals that you took or radiation. Second, it could be that you can’t breathe and therefore suffocating. Third, you might have cellular damage because of cloning or slimes.
  3. Suit sensors are updated in certain periods. Therefore, you do not see people’s health in real-time. If you are really sure that the person is dead or unconscious, it could be that you need to wait for suit sensor network to be updated. It would take maximum 30 seconds.

P.S.I checked to be sure and i realized that it’s been one and a half year.

I see emboes playing doctor/cmo often, they are good their job and often open to talk/rp when they are free.



  1. how do i know which wire on a borg is the reset wire?
  2. what prefix is for silicon channel?


  1. If you reached to the wires of the borg, you can use multitool to test each wire. You find the reset wire when you see a message about module servos twitch. After that, you should cut the wire to reset and mend it to let borg to choose a new module.
  2. The prefix for binary channel (which sillicons and syndicate with binary encryption key use) is b

good answers. i didnt knew you coudl do this in 1. but the moduel reset wire is always marked with a star ;3

but have my +1 regardless

  1. “Yes organ, how do i get that?”
  2. Good answers, though you dont keep losing health because of cloning. The answer I was specifically looking for was zombie tumor .
  3. Good, though if someone takes a person’s ID and puts it on, that ID’s name will appear on the sensors

I will hold that +1 until the 1. question is complete

  1. For playing organ, you can find a synthesizer either from the bar or from an instrument delivery beacon (you get it by having a Musician quirk). You can also buy a big band crate from cargo to get different instruments. Inside the synthesizer, you can select the organ. After selecting the organ you should add notes that you want to play. For that, you can refer to the wiki page, which is named “Songs”.
  2. Yeah, I was thinking maybe some kind of a disease that can hurt but forgot the zombie tumor.
  3. That’s a good one yeah.



Post must be

Constant toxloss could also be the result of appendicitis.

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While I can’t vote, I can still vouch for you. Godspeed, lad.

Vouch of confidence


  1. How do I make a paper ID?

  2. What is this weird beeping thing in Robotics?

  1. You need 5 papers and wirecutter. After having these, open the crafting menu and craft Paper Slip under misc category.
  2. If you can specify the beeping, or describe the beeping thing, I can help you better, but there can be multiple things that can be beeping. First, activated the positronic brain. They are indeed another player waiting to be silicon. You can think of them like a talking brain. Second, there might be a bomb placed near or inside the Robotics. Lastly, you might be hearing the beep from the request console. They beep when new materials are delivered by the miners.
  1. Yep!
  2. You fool! You have fallen for my trap! I actually meant the… Ectoscopic Sniffer. But yeah, all other ones are good ones, though the Requests Console also usually shouts out a very loud message to runechat/chat.

+1, get in!

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Same thing.
Emboes, with that record, You will go through m app like hot knife through butter. Godspeed.


  1. I saw someone place down a rainbow colored rune and teleport, what was that?
  2. How can i change the stats on my bananas without mutating them?
  3. Hey, as an antag am i allowed to kill isolated witnesses?


  1. It is a rune from xenobiology. If you click on rune while you are on top of it, it teleports you to a small extra-dimensional room or to another rune. You can create that rune if you feed 10 blue space slime extract to rainbow slime. It gives you an item to to draw that rainbow coloured rune.
  2. There are different ways to do it. You can start keeping bee hive to increase yield and potency. You can use different chemicals (nutriment, ammonia, charcoal, ash etc.). You can also use DNA manipulator using your banana seeds and change traits and stats.
  3. This is an admin help question. Please ask it from ahelp before doing it.

I forgot to mention, but if you have not yet, read this: