Ella Aese Mentor Application: I really like this game

Your CKEY: Lusse

Your Discord: Lusse (I haven’t used my discord for a while)

How long have you been playing ss13?: A very long time. I have a severe case of ADHD.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Noone.

Game Experience (More Detailed): A little bit of everything, my knowledge peaks in Xenobiology and security but I have a basic understanding of almost everything this game has to offer except for botany, kitchen and atmospherics. Syndicate items, tips and tricks for being evil and anything else regarding antag-roles I can provide well too.

I’ve only gathered one ban by the admin I loved most.

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is robust amongst OTHER THINGS

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every interaction i had with them was good and they liked my circuit bot

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Post your playtime please


for each job I meant I just wanted to see.
+1 time.

That’s one hell of a playtime though.

Good player, I support this

Very epic hours, +1


I saw you in game, have my +2

+1 knows a lot of the game and good player.

+2 for being a genuinely chill player and having good game knowledge.

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+1 knowledgeable and slightly robust

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Very good and friendly player, I love you :smile:


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+1 from me. Few notes most are pretty old. Generally a force for good.

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@satoshikonlover666 Are you willing to become active on the Discord again?

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+1 from me, Ella was really cool when I used to play ss13, and I apparently still have Mentor so I’ll use this power to +1 this.

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They do be based

also when playing sec not shit


Accepting at a +11. Enjoy your permissions.

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