"Eldritch Affairs"

(Note, this isn’t my code, I got the link to the code from “plays a trap unironically”.)

(To my knowledge,) This adds 2 pieces of Chaplain-only Traitor gear, known as the “Arcane Tome” for the Blood Cult, and “Clockwork Slab” for the Clock Cult. Both cost 20TC and are used to become neutered versions of their respective cult. For example, Neither can convert or sacrifice people, the Blood Cult cannot use soulstones, summon Nar’sie, ghosts, delay the shuttle, use a blood beam, or used “Twisted Construction” on Cyborgs. With the Clock Cult, the Vitality Matrices are nerfed, and they cannot teleport to the City of Cogs/Reebe.

Code taken from a forum page on Citadel.

I believe it would be a good piece of equipment for a Traitor Chaplain to have since it not only would give them a new way to play traitor using Cult abilities, it could just be entertaining to see what some would do with it, such as a Clock Cult Chaplain turning the Chapel into brass, or a Blood Cult Chaplain creating an army of Runic Golems if they found their way to Lavaland. It would also have it’s place as an entertaining Adminspawn item, since then a Clock Cult Chaplain could fight against the Blood Cult, or vice versa.

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To be fair i once saw footage of citadel gameplay and gotta say: looked pretty nice.
When hitting someone people kinda leaned a bit, and when biting or putting something into inventory it did a little animation. Similar to goon.
They might be a bunch of furballs, but they sure make nice visuals.

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Their animation is like literally goon with added p o r n