Echo Station - Feedback!

Medical is missing IV Drip

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Atmos is too small to do anything. You can’t do any side projects like hypernoblium or BZ production.
Also, you are in the firing line of the PA if you go down to the Turbine as it penetrates into the room.

What bit is too small, and why?

I’ll see if I can find a fix for it

Why not add a little pool of magma and a TEG? It’s thematic, since the station certainly looks like it’s underground on a volcanic island, and right now the entire station booms with the power of a thousand suns every time the tesla bounces.


I certainly could yeah, will consider it. for now, i’ve simply added a SM per bacons comments


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I beg you to add at least one. Without at least one, we can’t use the blood bags.

Cargo is 10 steps away! :wink:

you’re not wrong there, i think i’m just lazy here

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As other pointed out, shuttle feels too tiny, for 20-28 people and i usually like when shuttles have a small holding area to transport prisoners or any criminal that does something on the shuttle and bothering Command for those seats doesn’t seem the go-to


pretty sure this station is for like below 20 people during majority of low poop. its just that since this is a new station everyone is joining the moment its echo

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But i gotta say, I love the fucking chaos. I know its supposed to be for low pop but we need this more on high pop


even for a lowpop, treatment bay feels really cramped, even when there’s only 2-3 doctors its annoying to keep accidentally pushing eachother. when i try to remodel the layout it’s hard to make it more efficient (or keep it visually appealing). feels like the tool room takes up too much valuable space, too.

chem is really small, as well.

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Sorry for the delay, this was fixed immediately, but unfortunately updating the tm can take some time depending on other changes and such!

Hmmm, thanks for the more info. Tool Storage/surgery rally can’t be much smaller medbay has far too many items haha, as for the bay im not entirely sure how it should be expanded. Could you draw something?

Slightly expand Echo station in it’s departments, include dug out caverns for constructing even more departmental stuff and add more clutter, atmos systems and bits, BOOM the hi-pop varient “Sonar station” is born.

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I like the new engineering, some issues with it though;

Rads are kind of problematic with how close the SM is to the lobby and there is also a lack of rad lockers to make up for it, but other than that I love the SM setup (it’s missing a rad collector tho).

I also got funny handed straight to the ocean which I was just able to somehow RCD my way out of…

Speaking of RCD though, we seem to be unable to make plating through RCD or iron rod which is kind of problematic for building. Tiles do work but we can’t reinforce things this way…

I also saw pirates that somehow got stuck in the bedrock yesterday which was funny to see but clearly unintended.

First step

In order to achieve my dream setup you must put the intercom on the wall to the left
also is there only one IV drip? I couldn’t find the other one.
Also for morgue try to put the patient locker there so we have more space?
Don’t make two operating computers like I did there, just make space for med to let them build their own setup

Second grape


There 3 fire extingushers nearby I don’t think this one can stay PLUS I need free space for my next suggested change.
move the fire alarm here and after its done move this here

3rd orange

tidah needs heals but there are no doctoahs and has to break in
Destroy this wall and put a window there so tiders can break in when there are no doctors
As for the sink, probably move it here


Move the fax machine up near cmo’s office and where all the books are dumped, theres probably space there if you cut a table, it should be moved there because some tider might need to break in and he has to destroy that because he is an uncultured swine


the surgery spectator area should have a piece of trash, eaten popcorn, probably have plastic chair placed there as well, a bit of blood and a missing floortile. Also about the surgery spectator area, since you are not on the same y level you cannot see what the doctor is doing, so all you see is him moving around, so he can probably brainwash someone while you watch them, but alas you can’t do anything to fix it.
Chemistry should have a chemical spill, that is glowy


you don’t need two tables there, just make a single table since most doctors put their surgery tools in a duffle bag for ease of acess

Disclaimer I did not intend for the fire alarm to pog but I could move it without making it thick.
This layout should give the doctor more space, right next to the surgery table there is also space for the doc to put a defib mount
Also if you can’t move the disposal pipe there I understand, but it’s simply a pain in the ass for the layout,
you don’t need to put the surgical tools in a duffle bag, let the doctors do that.

Can anyone believe I do not like the medical layout?

ugh don’t put items on top of the freezer since nobody can put them back, you can probably move the items in the white circled spot and put a table there which doctors will dismantle probably, make sure its glass so the clown remembers not to steal from medbay again.


this is really great feedback, thank you!