Dutchylwd's return from a break

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Self-ban request
Ban Length:

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):

Round ID:
Ban Reason:

Appeal Reason:
At the time was extremely let down by how the server was and how it was just a LRP shitfest where rounds had often more time spent on reporting than being able to play. New moderator at the time decided to note me after person #2543 with AA decided to break half the server rules. After trying to deal with the shitters in-game several times i finally decided i had enough and shot the clown up with lethals despite all the fair warnings i gave in-game on low pop. Which shortly thereafter i decided to request a self ban and decided enough is enough and just to take a break for a good while instead.
Additional Information:
Yes, shooting people up even if they constantly act like shitters and breaking server rules is a big no-no. Should always Ahelp even if i don’t get a response most of the time. I have decided from here on out to just Ahelp any obvious rule breaking situations and let said person just cause havoc even if i am the sole security member for the 10th round in a row. Letting my own round go to shit and getting notes for things that should’ve been handled either way by Admins was just dumb of me. That is all!

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Doesn’t really sound like you’re over getting slipped by a clown almost a month ago. :thinking:

Being slipped was never ever a issue, it is the most common thing to happen to anyone.

It was the fact he had AA for no reason and constantly walked into brig after being asked to leave while i was dealing with a traitors that emagged their way into secure lockers and the RD taking all the other traitor items i secured, other people that were not baddies breaking into bridge. Attacking random people all while non-antag clown breaks into brig numerous times with AA and refuses to leave after being asked nicely many times.

All while -again- i am the only security member aboard. If a clown simply slipping me caused me to kill him. I think i would’ve been perma’d years ago considering i am magnetically attracted towards thrown banana peels by Clowns


I’ll get in game and lift the requested ban in a bit, if you want to appeal the over-escalation ban, then you can do that in another post as lifting the ban and then leaving the thread open is sort of :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well would you look at that, all grown up now