Dunkage of shitcurity, Unoffical part 2: when they grab stuff from the armory

Uh oh, monke brain shitcurity is grabbing stuff from, the ARMORY?!! they are about to use lethals,

Shotguns: Depends really, if they use buckshot, no need to worry, just keep running, maybe popping a bicardine pill if you get hit by the pellets

But if they use SLUGS Then you better start worrying, The damage inflicts as much as a 357. round, and they are surprisingly accurate, Follow the disabler’s guide, dragging lockers, or pets behind you

In the event you get hit, birardine is too slow acting, your needing a salicylic acid pill

Lasers are similar to slugs, but with a faster firerate, and lower damage

instead of bicardine or salyctic acid, use a oxalorne or kelotane pill to alleviate the damage

Being a slimeperson can halves burn damage, and also decreases amount of disabler shots to stamina crit you

Flashes and flashbangs are deadly, but they can easily be negated, and require being in close proxmity to a seccie

Pepper spray is less used by security, and most of the time security no wear masks, allowing you to drop them if you can acquire it

Disablers dont wear down shield health, lasers do.

Slips are your best friend, lube a hallway, kick on side, and cable restraint them

Depowering entirety of security and removing their rechargers, unless they got ballistic weapons, after all that, only then are they truely hopeless, EMP their equipment to speed up the process of their hopelessness

If security has advanced shotgun shells, give up.

drag lockers, or pets behind you, the only difference is that you will get fucked over more if you get hit, also security barely actually attempts to make advanced shotgun shells

If meteor shell: Commit die
If sophoric shell: Commit die
If Incendiary shell: Commit die
If any other variant of technological shell: See steps 1-3

I need a tutorial on producing technological shells. Not that I would ever use them as sec and laugh as our enemies fall before us, but just to know.

hey @TooGrand I finished part 2 for you

thanks man i am lazy

Might be worth specifying that this doesn’t apply to Oozelings; they only take decreased damage from fires and high ambient temperature. Burn damage weapons still do full damage to them.

Last i checked slimepeople and your little slimegirl race at not the same thing.

Just because they fall under the umbrella of somewhat slimelike. Does not make them the same thing. So i think most people have a pretty clear understanding of the distinction.

Literally the only reason they aren’t called slimepeople is because the name was taken by a powergamer race lol

I feel like this confirms something that i cant quite put my finger on…

yeah, maybe i shouda clarififed that

That the race was originally supposed to be a nerf to the Xenobio races? :laughing:

(They were supposed to replace jelly, which all three Xenobio races are based on, and then jelly would be a permanent roundstart race instead of just at Halloween)

Incendiary shells are printable round start.

Soporifics are mildly threatening, if you get hit with one you can walk it out, with two you’re going down. You would have died if it was two slugs anyways.

Meteor shells are… meh…? The stun isn’t that reliable and they deal low damage.

The deadliest “tech” shell of them all is the one that you never see, the Frag-12 shell.
It instantly crits you and destroys your stuff on contact. Do not get hit.

Producing tech shells is very very easy, just go to rnd lathe and make em from the crafting menu.
Frag-12 shells requires botany, however, for corn oil.
To print compressed matter cartridge just hack an autolathe, one of which conveniently happens to be near the RND Lathe, wew…

oh well you research exotic ammo
then get a bunch of unloaded tech shells
then open the crafting menu and open the ammunition tab
then check the ingreedients for which shell you want to make
print those ingreedients
grab a screwdriver
click craft repeatedly

did you know oil slimes can produce corn oil if injected with blood?
prepare to die


tl;dr this topic is about If sec use lethals instead of stun batong - you die

But I rarely see seccies actually use advanced shells.
Most seccies that use anything other than energy guns are probably sci/engineering/cargo/assistant mains.

Sorry med mains but most of the time if you play sec you go in as a pacifist or felinid - basically unrobust


The one thing I don’t see too many seccies do is to improve flash grenades, just use a screwdriver and set it to instant. Pretty much turns the flash grenade into a one time flash that can be used when who ever is running is close but not close enough to flash with a regular flash.

One thing I’d like to add is be careful of temperature guns. Very rarely used but even one shot from the cold setting will slow you down, if you are wearing a hardsuit or any insulating clothing when you’re hit with a temp gun set to cold you are fucked. The cold will stay inside the suit and actually make you colder overtime until you’re dead.

Also, unless more than one sec officer is after you if you just escape to space and are smart you can lose sec hilariously fast (until you get back into the AI finds you via camera). Even if they have a jetpack, it’s easy to lose them if you break line of sight and go the opposite direction (like by solars or engineering).

Shove cuff is dead. 2020202020