Drink Reccomendations

Yeah hard pass.

That’s a cement mixer tier drink.

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This is my preferable kind of recommendation.

Everything else is welcome but that’s easy to enjoy is great


Serious answer;

I have no idea if they’re good or bad, but Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan have always interested me as drinks

What licorice are you eating? It 100% tastes like black licorice, hell, real licorice is made from herbs. Jägermeister tastes like the best licorice i’ve ever had in my life, which is why you gotta drink it straight because anything added to it ruins the flavor.

This is a troll drink that will make you vomit by the way, so i wouldn’t recommend drinking this.

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As I said. Cement mixer tier.

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filtered tap water


I’m going to recommend only Jameson whiskey with cola (usually pepis since it gives a sweeter taste)

oh and if you can get a whiskey sour they’re nice too.

bottle of this will do you good
either do shots or mix it with pepsi, its a fun experience

Payday Hit, we ball

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These? Good as shit, very strong but doesn’t taste it.