Dr-Insaneo banned by ivniinvi

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2021-09-05 19:05:01
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Cryo’d then disconnected as emagged borg, explain on forums please. auth wueue.
Appeal Reason:
First off, I got banned a while back for not cryo’ing, so I cryo’d because I needed to go. The rules didn’t say anything about me cryo’ing, then leaving as forced antagonist. The closest thing I did break was “This means you do not have the option to refuse to assist your team when converted.” which only applies IC wise, not OOC as I had to leave. I wasn’t refusing nor was I taking up space, I was cryo’ing as that was appropriate. How else was I going to leave the round. I was also not apart of any plan nor did I ruin an existing plan.
Additional Information:
What was I supposed to do differently, I cryo’ed as I was told in my last appeal.

You should ahelp before cryoing when in an important role (Heads, Antagonists), as was stated in your previous ban appeal. Additionally (someone correct me if I’m wrong), moderators cannot process their own appeals, so @Doktorwueue I believe this one is for you.

I’m sorry I didn’t do that but I had to go ASAP. I heard the fire alarm so I GTFOd. Thankfully a drill, but the least I could do was cryogenic.

Right, that is a very valid reason to cryo, try to ahelp if you get the chance but obviously if circumstances don’t permit it it’s fine. I am in support of lifting this.

Any fullmin and up can process it.

Like Ivnii said, if you need to cryo as an important role (Head of staff, Antagonist, Silicon roles) send an ahelp before doing so even if no admins are on. Doesn’t have to be super detailed, just “Going to cryo” works.

Ban has been lifted.