Don't care about the ban, but this is a bullshit one

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

Gerald Biggs
Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Powergaming and overescalation
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
If this is same as ban ID its (BanID #35939) was
Ban Reason:
Powergaming and overescalation. As a chef, obtained a throwing star, an armor vest, cablecuffs and an improvised shotgun and kept it on them ‘to feel safe’. Also overescalated by starting the fight by shoving someone then pulling out a knife when being hit with firsts. Extremely argumentative in the ticket. Appeal on the forums if you believe this was made in error…
Appeal Reason:
Its a bullshit ban because his ego was bruised that I didn’t bend over and beg forgiveness for being attacked for shoving someone blocking HOPline
Additional Information:
I pushed someone with a disarm in the HOPline for blocking access and they threw a foam nade at me, I threw a pie at them back and they retaliate by slashing me three times without me fighting back so when im badly bruised and bleeding i pull my knife and stab them to get them to stop, they dont so i sharpen the knife and stab them to crit then stop.I have screenshots I can attach showing hes wrong in saying I started out slashing with sharpened knife.

After they had hit me enough times and I had shoved to show them I wasn’t interested in killing people, i reserve the right to escalate to armed combat as under the escalation policy. ( Normal escalation is followed step by step, an aggressor that shoves you may be met with unarmed combat + incapcitating weaponry. If a player is incapacitated and unable to fight back you may not continue to harm them under normal escalation. If the fight continues and they stand their ground, you may escalate to armed combat. If they still do not back down, you may crit them so long as you see that they receive medical treatment. If two players are having an unarmed brawl with neither willing to back down, it is not over-escalation when one eventually falls into crit, however medical treatment is still required.) They stood their ground and i went to armed combat after realizing they were unwilling to stop.

Mind you, I started by saying that you met unarmed combat with a knife. And I’m still baffled that you don’t understand how you overescalated. I was observing and watched the whole fight happen.
You shoved him onto the table near the HoPline like a second after he got his ID, he didn’t even have time to say “Thanks”. He pulled out a salt foam nade and threw it at you with the words “Take this biatch” or something like that. You threw a pie at him. In this situation you were the aggressor since you started it all and he was the defender. And this was step 1 - Completely non-harmful and unarmed actions such as shoving into a wall or table.
Then he proceeded to slash you a couple of times. Mothpeople slashing is the same as humans punching, just with some added flavor text. This was him escalating as a defender to step 2 - Unarmed but harmful actions such as punching and kicking, or armed but non-harmful actions such as using a disabler or stun baton.
You then proceed to pull out a knife and start stabbing him. This was you escalating to step 3 - Armed combat - using any item as a weapon to cause harm to someone. You even proceeded to sharpen it towards the end of the fight. This was you escalating a step up as the aggressor.
Not to mention you being an absolute loot goblin and collecting a throwing star, chest armor, cable cuffs and making an improvised shotgun with your reason being “I found them so I get to keep them”.
Oh and you also attempted to release a revenant that was trapped in medbay and was being publicly humiliated - borderline self-antag as you willingly decided to assist an antagonist.
Anyhow that’s my point of view.


They were blocking the Hopline and captain thanked me for moving them, they slashed me three times for a pie in retaliation to a harmless nade and when it was clear they wouldnt stop i slashed them with my knife, its valid escalation step by step and you only reacted how you did because I didn’t plead forgiveness because im not sorry I crit somebody who was going to crit me had I not responded how I did, if you had of bwoinked me for releasing the revenant i’d be fine but he spawned in a salt pile and thats shitty so i freed him. Also just remove maints loot altogether then? I don’t really agree with how your painting it, they slashed me multiple times with no damage being given back and when it became clear they wouldnt stop i defended myself with my knife, they STILL didn’t stop so I sharpen the knife. If i chased them down and started slashing after the pie I’d agree but they were the one doing all the damage and i retaliated because they refused to stop.

Instead of retaliating with your fists you retaliated with a weapon. Simple as that.

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Alright, well, if you don’t care I see no reason to either. Appeal denied.