Don arbucle player report

In-game report:

Title: [idk] Player Report

CKEY:kate bishop

Your Discord:not again

Offender’s CKEY:idk

LRP or MRP server:lrp

Offender’s In-Game Name:don arbucle

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):17/6/2020

Round Number:17304

Rules Broken:clear metagruge

Incident Description:joined as sec officer, don arbucle tried to disable a random sci while scienctist calls for my help, don arbucle proceeds to flashbang wich i react by taking out a flash because my poor fucking eyes, he shoots at me whit a disabler and tries to cuff but wallslams, i flash again but i get cuffed FOR SOME REASON,ha ha funny stun scientist that was suposedly being gunned down preceeds to fullstrip me and say i emaged a borg, he tried so check for implant and does finding nothing, i uncuff miself and flash boths at to what don arbucle screams CONFIRMED ANTAG, we have a little bit of a circular chase and he flashes and cuffes me, then permaes me after that he says the borg i “suposedly emagged” ratted me out (yes as dumb as it sounds) and locks me into a welded room until det rescues.

Additional Information:that would be a little mm? if it wasnt for the fact that the borg CALLED OUT ON RADIO ai was rogue and that i was a scapegoat and inocent, he preceeded to perma and gun me down a second time because funny kate.

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Why do you say it was metagrudge?

why would you rush someone roundstart perma them and then keep in perma when the thing you permaed them for was disproven?

Did you emag the borg though…?

Ok, now I am confused. As I understand it from your post: he tried to arrest a scientist, you tried to help the scientist and tried to flash the sec boi, he arrested you as well and after you tried to flash him again he put you into perma.

Is that accurate? If not you probably should clear up your report.

yes, but he also did forced surgery on me for some reason.

does pig fly?..

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If that is accurate that’s just shitsec being shitsec.
He overescalated and abused his sec power. Which is understandable with the level of general shittery on LRP.
I am not sure you really want this kind of behavior curbed. Because if it were to be curbed it won’t be the only thing to get hammered.

knowing don arbucle i believe it is something more. and shitsec doesnt trap you in a gay cube where he knows there is 0 scape after you killed him last round…

If so, you should’ve put what makes you believe it is metagrudge into your report.

i did, all of the wordless interaction other than, WHERE IS THE EMAG, TRAITOR TRAITOR.

and btw how could i emag the borg while he stunned me WHEN THEY CHECKED ME AND I DIDNT HAVE EMAG…

admins i know this was cleared that round, but ONLY a note from clear malicious shitsec whit posible metagruge doesnt seem fair, even if he doesnt have any sec notes he has a TON of nonsec notes

Yes, that’s called being shitsec.
Everything you described falls under shitsec category, maybe even to the point of rules violation, if you weren’t valid and he should’ve known you weren’t valid.
However you put metagrudge as the reason. I don’t see metagrudge here.
If there was some epic salt in deadchat or OOC in previous round it should’ve been mentioned here.
If there was an indication during that round that he specifically targeted you for meta reasons it should’ve been mentioned here.

I’m not saying this wasn’t metagrudge. I am saying your report is badly drafted.

why the fuck do you always act like some schizophrenic targeted individual

whenever someone does as much as push you, you’re quick to call it metagrudge, because apparently in your mind everyone just cant stand you and is just hellbent on metagruding you for the sake of making your life miserable. i have not played a single round with you where you didnt accuse someone of metagrudge.

that being said, its don. he treats everyone like that and by some people he is considered to be one of the shittiest players on bee. he is a shitter, but that does not mean that he’s metagrudging you.


I have to agree with Tian here. Don even tries to bully me. And that is really saying something. Not even with a plan just tries to steal anything I have and wallstun me and take my shit


apparently this is the guy who made the nausea stun teleport burgers.

got me good, don.

but that shit ain’t cool.

Just play non-static character - metagrudging problem solved, if it’s really there.


If you assist a criminal and get caught, security have the right to enforce the same sentence he would receive on you. You’ll need to find out what the sci guy did.

The player that this report was filed against has been permanently banned, so this issue can be closed.