Does-The-Warcrime needs to know

I think i might be dunking too hard on valids as of late. Would also like to know your criticism in general.
Especially from does-the-crime

You can never dunk on a valid too hard


dunking on valids

pick one


You tend to overescalate and quickly jump to lethals even as non-sec.

thats a yikes from me bro

True :pensive:


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consistent over escalation. beat me to death for using non lethal shots on someone recently, and also beat 2 other people to near death, both of which didnt even do anything, they were just in the room. you did this as a non antagonist chemist because you were “protecting the captain” or some shit. probably take it down a notch. none of the people you beat up were even close to being valid.

Eh. I was promoted to cmo, so i was a head of staff. The communist ai gave away guns to everyone. Ai is also classified as malf because of this. We call shuttle. Multiple people rush into bridge to recall, all non command with shotguns. Me and hop kill them (red alert, multiple hostiles, no nonlethals, armed and dangerous, major trespass). We go to shuttle. Tell people not to come into command section. Yell about it, actually. So someone emags the fucking door and EVERYONE DECIDES THEY SHOULD JUST PILE ON IN. One of those people was THE guy with an emag. Lord forbid he fucking stays. So i started the whole thing (again, major trespass, red alert, multiple hostiles, armed and dangerous, a literal traitor in the midst of it). I took quite a lot of shots myself.
But in the end, no unauthorized personnel were left at command section and we walled off the emagged door. And it was peace.
Edit: oh and i wish i could flashbang or disabler or call sec or something, but unfortunately armory was empty because everyone raided it. I didnt have nonlethals, sec didnt exist, armed crowd in command. They WERENT valid?

They were not valid, not to mention you started shooting first.


Classic valid hunter trying to justify what they do

ur literally just trying to convince urself. that’s all that this is #transparent

lmao i just like that u ended it like this

me after killing a mime for accidentally talking


I can verify that round was a cluster fuck.

But I’m pretty sure I literally had to walk In front of you shooting a downed guy to death and tell you to stop.

Chill a tiny bit on the whole murdering thing please.

Aight, ima try not to be as murderous in the future, though be sure to remind me if needed here

Generally cool except the murder part

Based doppelganger, i litterally had someone ask me if we are related irl lmao

A true shitsec.
You are the the second person I know who will pick sec role when there is no other sec.
And on top of that you are a lizard person!

You lack dicipline from all im reading, thankfully I didn’t have a curse of meeting, or opposing you in game, else I would’ve already made a player report. (Just realised no one typed here for 11 months, why is this forum page even open?)