Do you have a "main" job and if you do why?

pretty much the title, do you have a “main” job you like playing, and why do you preffer this job over others?

ill go first, i like playing assisstant the most because A) i dont have responsability and B) if i die nothing will be lost and C) i have an exuse to be a shitter

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Xenobio, Viro, and Botany

All have the commonality of being about systems knowledge and powerful combinations over, say, the combat focus of security or RTS game of AI. All are also generally longer form jobs, with the reward for spending that time and gathering that knowledge being powerful or unique effects, that you can spread or hoard as you see fit.

This could also be applied to engineering, what with optimising the SM, but the difference there is that engineering has a giant explosion/singuloose riding on their competency, whereas xenobio just has lack of slime cells or cool plants if you fail. If virology royally screws up, you get a plague, but if you just take the time to theorycraft properly and neuter your viruses, it should be foolproof.

I used to only play engineering cause I enjoyed atmospherics and fixing stuff but then I got bored of setting up SM every round and then waiting for something to go wrong with the station so at the moment I just play a bit of everything.

security because it’s the only job i have fun at anymore.

Botany for sure, it has enough randomness and depth to keep things interesting and gives you access to something to deal with just about any situation, also plants are cool

Yeah, basically.


assistant, sec or viro maybe or engineering

I like to play Cap,Hop and HoS because power.

I’ve never tried botany, I might check it out

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uhhh cheff, tider, mime

Mime, Chemist, Scientist (No! Im with the science team!)

security and tider
2 sides of shittery :flushed:

Engineer, since none of you fucks know how to setup the SM.

Admins can’t play command/sec roles unless they deadmin, and there’s generally only 1 admin on at a time.

I miss being shitsec :cry:

Wait why can’t admemes play Sec/Command?

Deadmin means to turn off your admin powers for the round, not resign.

Big lie, j*nitors NEVER play the game, they just spectate

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I mainly play AI just cause I find it fun. And it’s nice being able to help people pretty much anywhere. And just listen to some music and chill.

I play as pylon,

I have evidence that this is false. This evidence being bloons sitting in ai sat afk as a borg doing tickets. He wasn’t spectating he was just afk :flushed:

isn’t borg considered an important role like heads? if so, did he pm other admins telling them that he is going afk??

He came back a bit later when I ahelped. And him being afk didn’t really hurt much cause when I actually needed him I ahelped and he came back and apologized. And pretty sure he only did it cause he was the only admin on at the time.