Disable pyroclastic anomaly and change default engine(Our atmos can't handle it)

Pyroclastic just wrecks a room for a whole shift. Since the atmos controller stops working after a certain point the room remains forever burning no matter how much siphoning or even cutting holes to space is done. Not even the resin trick will reset tiles back to normal.

Supermatter engine is running into the same problem. It’s got a hour of life in it before atmos calcs stop and it blows up the station dooming us to short round times.

Maybe the SM can be fixed by checking to see if atmos is the problem and not the players before going into delamination but I don’t see any way of fixing the pyroclastic anomalies.

a few things

  1. a vent put directly under the sm prevents all bullshit delams. i’ll admit that it shouldn’t be necessary, but it is
  2. pyro anomalies are not a problem. at worst, atmos will freeze for maybe a minute or two during the recovery, but it’s rare
  3. nobody is going to touch atmos code unless they absolutely have to

Honestly i kinda like the pyro anomaly, its kinda rare so it doesn’t bother me that much as a atmos tech and when i do have to go fix it its usually in a small room that nobody uses anyway, so its fast to fix.
Only problem i have with it is that the warning for it is too late, if the announcement would come earlier i could go there and counter it with it not doing as much harm.

Regarding the sm, the only times you see it is when youre either running a co2 heavy sm or when its delaming, and the easy fix for the co2 one is just to remove the floor.


I think its a good anomaly. It both gives atmos people to do something and also forces science to be reactive to anomalies. Hallway anomalies are generally annoying if not neutralized, but still i like it. Also, i did not encounter where atmos resin doesn’t fix the problem. Generally it works quite good.


Tell the AI to set the air alarm to cycle and bolt down all doors for the next 10 minutes. Done. Needs next to zero work. It will siphon everything until it is near vacuum and then refill it with fresh air, which will go faster if you increase air distro input.

Worst case, put down a holofan and space the room, either a few tiles or all the tiles. Space tiles sets the tile instantly to vacuum, making it super easy to refill it.

Could keep a board of space heater, parts (including filled celle) and make an upgraded heater there which will VERY quickly cool down a room. Then set the scrubber to contaminated too.

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In defence of this; I like being useful as ai!