Detective self antag


   Your Discord:

   Offender’s CKEY:

   LRP or MRP server:LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Nonie Kirkson

   Date (11-15-2019:

   Round Number:9120

   Rules Broken: self antag 

   Incident Description: I went to sec during what i thought was rev round, where i got sunglasses and got shot to death by detective  because i pushed them after they called me a nyagger, then i was spaced  and it ended here. 

   Additional Information: whole round ruined because detective doesnt like felinids basically, thats what he said. Its hard to enjoy the game when  sec officers have such low standard on space law makes the whole round leave a bitter taste

I edited it since the Discord thing was just… there. It’s a template for discord reports.

I’ll investigate the report after dinner.

i forgot to mention it but i was the cmo and i got access to security, so its not like i broke in

yea he also killed me two rounds in a row for having a fire axe and the name Gerald Rivendare

yeah seems like problematic individual overall, after i was killed there was lots of salt about nonnie


Found the logs of the guy both killing a cuffed guy in their office

and, as you said, them shooting you dead before spacing your body.

Server and Jobbanned. Apologies for the delay.

thats pretty cool, i will leave this photo as a meme

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